Evolving CloudFormation Deployments on AWS

By Chris Silva

Learn how CloudFormation templates change throughout a development cycle.

1 hour
  • 7 Lessons

About the course

In this course, you’ll learn to work with CloudFormation templates from the initial stage of development and see how the template can be modified to fit the needs of the business during the development cycle. First, we’ll explore a basic CloudFormation template to deploy an EC2 instance. Next, we’ll discover how to modify the template to specify network configuration on the instance with hard-coded values. Finally, we’ll learn how to create a CloudFormation template that includes parameters to allow for reuse of the template as the environment changes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to build your own CloudFormation templates or modify your existing templates to include parameters for your environment.

  • Chapter 1 7 Lessons Evolving CloudFormation Deployments 1:02:19

    Course Introduction


    Course Overview and CloudFormation 101


    Evolution Stage 1: Your First Deployment


    Pre-Evolution Revolution: Fixing the Existing Environment


    Evolution Stage 2: Building a Better Deployment


    Evolution Stage 3: Future-Proofing Your Template


    Course Summary and What’s Next


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