DNS and BIND Deep Dive

By Cara Nolte

This course works with BIND configurations, such as creating a caching name server, configuring zones and domains, and BIND server security.

3 hours
  • 29 Lessons
  • 5 Hands-On Labs

About the course

Welcome to the DNS and BIND Deep Dive. This course is intended for students who have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system and are comfortable with basic sysadmin tasks. These include moving around the file system structure, basic command-line utilities, and installing packages. Students should also have some basic configuration skills.

In this course, we will work with many BIND configurations, such as creating a caching name server, configuring zones and domains, and BIND server security.

  • Chapter 1 3 Lessons Getting Started 3:27

    An Important Note About A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy Courses


    Course Introduction


    About the Training Architect

  • Chapter 2 3 Lessons Introduction to DNS and BIND 10:06

    DNS Types Overview


    DNS Concepts - Terms and Definitions


    Zones and Domains

  • Chapter 3 7 Lessons Basic DNS Server Configuration 56:02

    DNS Configuration


    Configure a Caching Name Server


    Named Service and RNDC Keys


    RNDC Configuration


    Using the dig Command


    DNS and BIND: Create a Caching Name Server

    15:00 Hands-On Lab

    DNS and BIND: Working with RNDC Keys

    15:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 4 7 Lessons Working with DNS Zones 40:28

    Configuring for Zones


    Zone Files and Record Types - Start of Authority


    Zone Files and Record Types - Common Record Types


    Creating Forward Zone Files


    Creating Reverse Zone Files


    Zone File Validity Checking


    DNS and BIND: Create a Forward Zone File

    15:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 5 3 Lessons Advanced DNS Configuration 46:18

    Configuring Multiple Domains


    DNS Master and Replication Slave


    DNS and BIND: Configuring Multiple Domains

    30:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 6 5 Lessons Securing a DNS Server 33:05

    Split DNS Configuration for Security


    Running BIND in a Chroot Jail


    DNS Security Tools - Keys and Signing a Zone File


    DANE and TLSA Records


    DNS and BIND - DNS Querying with BIND Utilities

    15:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 7 1 Lesson Final Steps 1:06

    What's Next?


What you will need

  • For students interested in the DNS and BIND Deep Dive course, it is important to understand what skills/knowledge base you should have before starting this course. This course is intended for students who are familiar with Linux and are comfortable running system commands, navigating the file system structure, editing text files, and general configuration skills. If you do not have previous experience, we recommend that you take the following courses beforehand: - Learn Linux by Doing - LPI Linux Essentials If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our student community.

What are Hands-on Labs

What's the difference between theoretical knowledge and real skills? Practical real-world experience. That's where Hands-on Labs come in! Hands-on Labs are guided, interactive experiences that help you learn and practice real-world scenarios in real cloud environments. Hands-on Labs are seamlessly integrated in courses, so you can learn by doing.

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