Configuring Load Balancers in Microsoft Azure

By Henry Been

Learn how to create and configure Azure load balancers to build highly available infrastructures for your applications.

2 hours
  • 11 Lessons

About the course

In this course, Configuring Load Balancers in Microsoft Azure, you’ll learn to create and configure load balancers in Azure. First, you’ll explore how to configure an external load balancer to route traffic to your application servers. Next, you’ll discover how to add health probes to only send traffic to healthy servers. Finally, you’ll learn how to extend this architecture with an internal load balancer to create a full two-tier architecture. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Azure load balancers needed to configure highly available infrastructures in Microsoft Azure.

  • Chapter 1 11 Lessons Configuring Load Balancers in Microsoft Azure 1:29:24

    Course Introduction


    Introduction to Load Balancing


    Introduction to Azure Load Balancing


    Demo: Configuring the Network


    Demo: Creating an External Load Balancer


    Demo: Configuring the Load Balancer


    Demo: Adding an Internal Load Balancer


    Advanced Configuration Options


    Demo: Advanced Configuration Options


    Demo: Monitoring Load Balancers


    Summary and Wrap-Up


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