Changing Architectures from Containers to Serverless

By Elle Krout

Discover why, if, and how to move from containers to serverless.

2 hours
  • 11 Lessons
  • 1 Hands-On Lab
  • 1 Course Quiz

About the course

In recent years, serverless has been gaining traction both as a cost-savings option and a method of deploying applications and services without having to deal with the underlying infrastructure, scaling, or any other of the common problems of maintaining an application. This course takes a look at serverless from the perspective of someone currently relying on containers and container orchestration, who is considering dropping the boxes in favor of the serverless approach. We’ll look at the pros and cons of making the switch, which architectures work best, concerns, cautions, and what serverless offerings each of the big 3 cloud platforms offer us.

  • Chapter 1 1 Lesson Introduction 1:40

    Course Introduction

  • Chapter 2 5 Lessons Changing Architectures 1:01:55

    Containers and Serverless: At a Glance


    Stateless Architectures


    Event-Driven Architectures


    Concerns and Cautions


    Migrating a Service from a Container to Serverless

    30:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 3 5 Lessons Serverless Landscapes 33:21







    Final Looks and Comparisons


    Changing Architectures from Containers to Serverless

    15:00 Quiz
  • Chapter 4 1 Lesson Conclusion 1:11

    Conclusion and What’s Next


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