AZ-303 Part 4 - Implement and Manage Data Platforms in Azure

By James Lee

Whether you're aiming to take the AZ-303 exam or want to learn more about managing data platforms in Azure, this course can help you.

13.3 hours
  • 20 Lessons
  • 2 Hands-On Labs

About the course

Thank you for your interest in this course. Unfortunately, this content is no longer being supported, and some of it may be out of date. Search for AZ-305: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions to find the most up-to-date content for your learning journey.

Whether you are aiming to take the AZ-303 exam, or simply want to learn more about implementing and managing data platforms in Azure, this course can help you.

This course provides:

  • Understanding of important Azure data services
  • Hands-on implementation experience
  • Important design and implementation tips

Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have experience in implementing several key SQL and NoSQL data platforms in Azure, such as:

  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Storage Tables
  • Azure SQL (Databases and Managed Instances)

Please be aware this course is part of a certification pathway. If you are interested in passing the AZ-303 exam, see the lesson on certification pathways.

  • Chapter 1 2 Lessons Welcome to the Course 4:22

    Course Introduction


    Course Support and Feedback

  • Chapter 2 6 Lessons Supporting Courses 16:50

    About the AZ-303 Certification Pathway


    Supporting Course - AZ-303 Part 1 - Implement and Monitor Azure Infrastructure


    Supporting Course - AZ-303 Part 2 - Implement Management and Security in Azure


    Supporting Course - AZ-303 Part 3 - Solutions for Apps in Azure


    Supporting Course - AZ-303 Part 4 - Implement Data Platforms in Azure


    Supporting Course - AZ-303 Part 5 - Exam Preparation

  • Chapter 3 6 Lessons Implement NoSQL Databases 1:44:50

    Cosmos DB


    Cosmos DB Partitioning and Performance


    Cosmos DB Implementation


    Cosmos DB Replication


    Azure Tables


    Creating Multiple Cosmos DB Containers

    45:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 4 5 Lessons Implement Azure SQL Databases 1:37:14

    Azure SQL Database


    Azure SQL Database Implementation


    Azure SQL Managed Instances


    Azure SQL High Availability


    Configure Azure SQL with Failover Groups

    45:00 Hands-On Lab
  • Chapter 5 1 Lesson Next Steps 1:05

    Course Conclusion and the Next Course


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