AWS Certified DevOps Professional Exam Prep Course

By Craig

Go through a series of scenarios similar to those encountered on the AWS Certified DevOps Professional - Engineer exam.

5 hours
  • 14 Lessons
  • 1 Practice Exam

About the course

This course is the final mini-course in a learning path focused on preparation for the AWS Certified DevOps Professional – Engineer exam. This course provides a series of lessons focused on whiteboarding scenarios of the type encountered on the certification exam. The course also includes a final practice exam that will further help prepare the student for the AWS certification exam.

  • Chapter 1 1 Lesson Introduction 2:27

    AWS Certified DevOps Professional Exam Prep Course

  • Chapter 2 14 Lessons Whiteboarding Real World Scenarios 3:29:57

    DevOps Fundamentals Scenarios


    SDLC Automation Scenarios


    Infrastructure As Code And Related Scenarios


    OpsWorks Scenarios


    Auto Scaling Scenarios


    EC2 Deployment Scenarios


    Lambda and API Gateway Scenarios


    Blue/Green and A/B Testing Scenarios


    Monitoring and Logging Scenarios


    Policies and Standards Scenarios


    Incident and Event Response Scenarios


    High Availability and Fault Tolerance Scenarios


    DynamoDB Scenarios


    AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional Practice Exam

    2:00:00 Quiz

What you will need

  • If preparing for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam, the student should have completed the previous four mini-courses in this Learning Path. Although Associate-level certification is no longer required, it is highly recommended to have attained this level of knowledge or comparable work experience before attempting the DevOps Pro certification.

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