ACG On-Demand Webinar - Cloud Security

Securing Your AWS Environment

Security is Job Zero in the cloud. Sure, AWS and other cloud providers give you rich security and governance features, but it’s still up to you to configure and deploy them correctly. Watch cloud security specialist Don Magee for a breakdown of taking complex AWS environments from zero to secure.

ACG On-Demand Webinar

Don Magee has configured hundreds of AWS environments as a security specialty at Allstate, AWS, and several startups. In this on-demand webinar, he’ll draw on real-world examples to break down his process for securing AWS environments.

Featured Speakers

Don Magee

Cloud Security Lead at Stedi

Don Magee is a cloud security engineer professional with 25+ years experience in information systems and security. In addition to his Information Security degree, Don holds various industry certifications, including but not limited to, a CISSP. Formerly with AWS and Allstate Corporate, Don now serves as Cloud Security Lead for Stedi. In his spare time, Don enjoys playing piano and guitar as well as spending time with his family, friends, and cats.

Forrest Brazeal

Forrest Brazeal

AWS Serverless Hero, Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru

Forrest Brazeal is an AWS Serverless Hero and Director of Content & Community at A Cloud Guru. Previously a cloud architect at Infor and Trek10, Forrest was also named one of Jefferson Frank’s Top 7 Global AWS Experts in 2019. Forrest is a co-chair of ServerlessConf and frequently speaks at public and private events on the business and practice of cloud computing.

In this on-demand webinar...

Secure your environments

Watch security pro Don Magee for a tour of his process for security AWS environments, including:

  • The non-negotiables of IAM security
  • Automating guardrails across AWS Organizations
  • Delegating trust
  • Choosing the right AWS-native and third-party governance tools

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