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ACG On-Demand Webinar - Kubernetes

Putting Kubernetes to Work in Your Environment

Kubernetes is quickly becoming the world’s most important cloud-native technology, providing organizations with the ability to leverage a variety of features to add value in development, deployment, testing, resilience, and observability of their systems. And with AWS, Azure, and GCP providing their own hosted and managed Kubernetes services, there are options aplenty highlighting unique benefits and features. But how do you choose which service is the best fit for your organization?

On-Demand Webinar

Join our panel of experts as they break down how real companies use Kubernetes and why it’s important to their success, what’s trending now and where Kubernetes is going in the future, and the similarities and differences between the three major cloud providers’ managed Kubernetes services.

Featured Speakers

mark nunnikhoven headshot

Mark Nunnikhoven

Distinguished Cloud Strategist at Lacework and AWS Community Hero

Alex Potasnick

Azure Training Architect at A Cloud Guru

will boyd headshot

Will Boyd

Principal Training Architect at A Cloud Guru

Drew Firment

SVP of Cloud Transformation at A Cloud Guru and AWS Community Hero

In this on-demand webinar

Discover how Kubernetes fits into the cloud-native ecosystem.

Our Kuberenetes experts will weigh in on:

  • The important role Kubernetes can play in your organization
  • What’s trending now with Kubernetes, and where it’s going next
  • The similarities/differences between AWS, Azure, and GCP’s managed Kubernetes services

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