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Measuring DevOps: Applying DORA metrics in your cloud transformation journey

As enterprises are driving toward cloud adoption, developers are leaning on experts to understand and deploy the right metrics at the right time throughout their journey.

Join a webinar filled with all-star DevOps experts: Sr. Director of Global Transformation Office at Red Hat, John Willis; VP of Architecture at Fidelity Investments, Tapabrata “Topo” Pal; and VP of Enterprise Strategies at Pluralsight, Drew Firment.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The current state of DevOps
  • DORA Metrics and the introduction of the 5th metric
  • The 3 phases in a cloud transformation journey
  • Metrics to help track your org’s journey
  • Best practices and overview of Drew & Topo's shared time at Capital One
  • The link between this legendary DevOps webinar and compliance in certain industries

Start your cloud journey the right way and make sure to have your popcorn on standby!

ACG Webinar

What happens when you put together a group of cloud experts? They make it rain with some sweet knowledge. Tune in to an exciting webinar to learn about DORA metrics, how to apply them during your cloud transformation journey, and so much more.

Featured Speakers

John Willis headhsot

John Willis

Sr Director, Global Transformation Office at Red Hat; Author of The DevOps Handbook, Investments Unlimited, & more

Tapabrata Topo Pal headshot

Tapabrata “Topo” Pal

VP, Architecture at Fidelity Investments; Author of Investments Unlimited

Drew Firment

VP, Enterprise Strategies at Pluralsight

In this on-demand webinar . . .

Discover a new DORA metric and how to apply them to your cloud adoption journey

Tune in to our all-star panelists and learn about:

  • DORA’s new metric: Learn about DORA Metrics and how to apply them to your org
  • How good things come in three: Discover the three phases in a cloud transformation journey
  • Your organization’s roadmap: Learn which metrics help track your org’s journey

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