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A Cloud Guru Live

Challenge Mode: Our cloud experts are getting put to the test!

Join us for this special Challenge Mode edition of A Cloud Guru Live! In this livestream, Senior Community Training Architect Lars Klint - Microsoft MVP, Azure nerd, and Lego superfan - will be tasked with a real-world, hands-on cloud challenge. The catch? He has to do it using Amazon Web Services, a cloud provider he’s not at all familiar with. Fellow Community Training Architects Scott Pletcher and Mattias Andersson will be there to provide guidance (and some friendly heckling) as Lars walks through the thought process of learning something new in the cloud. Lars will need your help and guidance too, so please join in on the fun!

Featured Speakers

Lars Klint

Senior Community Training Architect, A Cloud Guru

Mattias Andersson

Mattias Andersson

Senior Community Training Architect, A Cloud Guru

Scott Pletcher

Principal Community Training Architect, A Cloud Guru

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