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Business Basic

Upskill teams with hands-on learning

$315 per year

Regular Price $420

Billed yearly, per learner
Requires a minimum of 2 learners

Business Plus

Customize and accelerate skills development at scale

$499 per year

Regular Price $588

Billed yearly, per learner
Requires a minimum of 2 learners

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Hands-on Learning Fundamentals

Business Basic

Business Plus

Unlimited Courses

Learn without limits

Learn from anywhere with unlimited access to certification courses and deep dives on AWS, Azure, GCP, Linux, and so much more.


Pop quiz, hot shot

Quickly check your knowledge on a variety of topics and know where to brush up with short quizzes.

Learning Paths

Go from novice to guru

We’ll guide you through the skills you need to go from novice to guru across a variety of roles and skills, through major cloud providers.

7-Day Free Trial

Unlimited Guided Hands-on Labs

Get your hands cloudy

Learn by doing with guided labs based on real-world scenarios in a secure, risk-free environment. Build new skills in as little as 15 minutes.

Practice Exams

Put your skills to the test

Prepare for your certs with practice exams that mimic the real thing, including challenge labs that put you in the cloud hot seat. Plus, get personalized pointers on improving your score.

Interactive Diagrams

Study aids on demand

Snag clickable, PDF versions of core concepts to revisit later. Our diagrams make great study aids, help build retention, and can act as handy cheat sheets for a quick refresher down the road.

Learning Scheduler

Create a consistent learning schedule that fits around your busy life

Create a consistent study schedule based on the weekly hours you have available or the date you want to complete the course, and the scheduler will keep you on track to meet your goals.

Challenge Mode for Hands-On Labs

Think you're a guru?

Put your skills to the test with unguided labs that score your work

Build Expertise in Full Cloud Environments

Business Basic

Business Plus

Cloud Playground - Servers

Cloud on demand

Spin up pre-configured, auto-provisioned servers in just a few clicks. Cloud along with courses, practice whenever you feel like it, and never worry about a surprise cloud bill.

Cloud Playground - Instant Terminal

SSH on demand

Quickly launch a secure, in-browser SSH terminal into any instance on any provider – even behind a firewall.

Cloud Playground - Sandboxes

Learn by doing

Learn by doing with Cloud Playground. Try out new cloud skills in live AWS, Azure, and GCP sandbox environments — without racking up a surprise bill. Cloud along with courses, test an idea at work or prepare for exams.

Team Onboarding Fundamentals

Business Basic

Business Plus

Centralized User Management & Billing

One dashboard to rule them all

Easily assign new users, track learning and ROI with usage and skill analytics, and manage the entire ACG for Business experience from one central location.

Business Reporting

Skills at a glance

Keep tabs on skills and certifications across your organization to properly staff projects, track progress, and inform learning goals.

Skills Assessment

Know where you stand

Take stock of your organization’s cloud readiness so you can know exactly where to start.

Scalability for Larger Teams

Business Basic

Business Plus

Team Management

Easy organization by teams

Create and assign learners to teams for easier management, tracking, and reporting. Designate team coordinators to help keep teams on track, and know who’s conquering the cloud or needs a nudge with the team leaderboard.

Study Groups

Learning better together

Group learners together so they can support each other and build skills faster. Discussing topics and helping others understand concepts boosts retention and builds camaraderie.

Custom Learning Paths

Customize cloud learning for your organization.

Build Custom Learning Paths that align with unique roles, upcoming projects, or identified skill gaps. Assign Paths to individuals or teams, and easily track their learning progress – no spreadsheets or expensive training coordinators needed.

Learning Accelerator

Get to the cloud faster

Fast-track your organization’s path to cloud fluency with sprint-based certification tracks, including weekly lessons, hands-on projects and whitepapers.

Single Sign-on

Hassle-free logins

Use your company’s ID and password to make management and scalability a breeze.

Integrations & APIs

Business Basic

Business Plus

API Access

Get your bits

Automatically transfer raw usage and skills data to your data warehouse or other repository.

LMS Integration

Connect all the dots

Integrate results and reporting into your existing learning management systems for a 360-degree view of employee skills development.LMS Integration currently available for EdCast and Degreed.

Live Implementation Support

Business Basic

Business Plus

Customer Success Manager *

We've got your back

Get the most out of ACG for Business with a dedicated cloud learning consultant to support you with onboarding, best practices, and more.

Personalized Onboarding *

We'll show you the ropes

Get up and running the right way. Let one of our learning gurus take you through an onboarding experience tailored to your needs.

* Starting at 50+ seats


Build organization-wide cloud fluency

Get teams across your org speaking the same language and ahead of the cloud curve with the most effective, hands-on, and comprehensive platform for cloud learning at scale.


Have questions? We've got answers

Our business plan offers are open to any new business customers. Please contact if you are having any issues with the discounted offer.

Our Business Basic plan is designed for smaller teams who are self-motivated, know their learning goals, and are ready to jump into hands-on learning.

Business Plus is best for larger or multiple teams. It includes tools to identify skills gaps across teams, promote a culture of social learning, accelerate certifications through sprint-based learning programs, and enable skills development at scale. Business Plus also comes with seamless single-sign-on (SSO) and LMS integration capabilities.

Please contact us and one of our sales gurus will be happy to assist.

The Business plans are only available as annual or multi-year plans. Multi-year plans can be purchased through our sales team.

Please contact us and one of our sales gurus will be happy to assist.

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