ACG On-Demand Webinar - Cloud Migration

AWS Cloud Migration Journey: Upskilling Your Architects

Your organization wants to migrate its services to the AWS cloud — but how will you upskill your team to do it? Or maybe you’ve already made the migration, but you’re unsure of how to implement continuous cloud learning with your team moving forward. Watch us for a journey through these challenges and the successful, tried-and-tested solutions you can start using today.

ACG On-Demand Webinar

Watch A Cloud Guru’s Customer Success Program Manager, May Herzfeld, and Senior Community Training Architect, Scott Pletcher, as they discuss common cloud migration challenges and provide successful, tried-and-tested solutions.

After, get a brief overview of our AWS Cloud Architect Learning Paths from ACG’s Product Marketing Manager, Erica Foster, as well as a look at how our Skills Assessments help to provide insight as to where your talent stands.

Featured Speakers

May Herzfeld

Customer Success Program Manager at A Cloud Guru

Scott Pletcher

Senior Community Training Architect at A Cloud Guru

Erica Foster

Product Marketing Manager at A Cloud Guru

In this on-demand webinar

Learn key insights to successful migrations

Listen in as May and Scott address the common blockers to scaling up teams for success, including:

  • Where to start on your cloud journey and who to trust to guide you and your team
  • How to change your team’s roles & responsibilities while keeping them engaged after they’ve learned the basics
  • The benefits of taking training into your own hands
  • Real life examples of how businesses have successfully moved to and kept up with AWS

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