ACG Community Summit

3 days. 6 cloud learning tracks. Live and hands-on.

The party's over, but you can relive the excitement with the recordings.

ACG Community Summit

Day One AWS + AI/ML/Data
Keynote Corey Quinn
Kicking off Your New IT Career Alex Galvin
Go From Code to Config: CDK8s Tatenda Magondo
Lab Demo Getting Started with CloudFormation
Getting Started with DevOps on AWS Craig Arcuri
Netflix Course Recommendation Engine Kesha Williams
Lab Demo Identifying Iris Plants Using Machine Learning
State of the Certs Panel Mattias Andersson, Alex Galvin & Steven Moran
Day Two GCP + DevOps
Keynote Yochay Kiriaty
GCP Solution Architecture Joe Lowery
Studying 101: Top Strategies for Learning at ACG Ned Jamieson
Lab Demo Viewing Cloud IoT Core Data Using BigQuery
Intro to GitHub Actions Adam Vincent
Deploying and Scaling with K8s Will Boyd
Lab Demo Working with Docker Containers
State of the Certs Panel Karlos Knox, Adam Vincent & Mattias Andersson
Day Three Azure + Linux
Keynote Shruthi Rao
Azure Pillar Trends Brian Roehm
Run Containers Easily with Podman Angela Andrews
Lab Demo Deploy a Small Environment Using an ARM Template
What Went Wrong: Real World Failures and How to Prevent Them Clint Bonnett
Linux Skills - Stick Shift of Modern Computing Ross Brunson
Lab Demo Exploring Podman and Kubernetes Interoperability on RHEL
State of the Certs Panel Daniel Stitchcomb, Michael McClaren & Brian Roehm
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