The Finance, Management, and Legal Team Team

We put the “fun” in “funance”

Open. Laid-back. Fun. Our Finance, Management, and Legal teams (FML for short LOL) work hard and crack each other up while doing so. Well respected — and actually liked — by the rest of the company, these Gurus keep the ACG on track towards success.

A Cloud Guru Employees

Accounting for Taste

A scrappy, happy place

You’d never know we were accountants and lawyers. We’re metal-heads, bar owners, and sports fanatics first.

The glue that binds this team is a shared mission, a dedication to positivity, and a commitment to helping each other. We’re a scrappy team that’s all in this together.

What Makes This Team Awesome?

A fully fun-ctioning team


Learn all the things

Here you’re never siloed into one function. Professional development, ahoy!


See the bigger picture

We know the context behind the numbers.


Close-knit crew

We champion our quirks, revel in collaboration, and root for each other.


Tiny teams, big impact

Be a part of a scrappy, growing startup.

What Makes This Team Unique?

People of interest

You can tell everyone is happy to be here, and doesn’t dread coming to work, because we all genuinely just get along.

Everyone is really passionate about keeping the culture lighthearted and cares about how the other person is doing.


A Trio of Teams

Meet the finance, management, and legal teams



Helpful and caring, we deal with what’s happened in the past, and are your best friend on payday.



Strategic and futuristic, we look towards the always-changing future of our fast-growing startup.



Fun and understanding, we are the in-house counsel that advises on matters across three countries.

The Mission You're Missing

Small company, super-sized potential

Working on a smaller team means that you get the chance to work on a diverse set of products.

Here you get to see the full picture of what your work is contributing to, and you get to have a voice in the direction of the company.

ACG Staff
A Cloud Guru Employees

Quality Control

What qualities do people need to be successful here?

Open Positions

Legal. Accounting. Paper football. Ukulele. Whatever you're a guru of, be a guru with A Cloud Guru. Nervous about applying? Don’t be! If our mission, vision, and values speak to you, we want to speak to you too. College degrees aren’t required, and career gaps or switches are totally welcome.

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