The Customer Experience Team

We They are the champions

We go above and beyond to champion our customers. We help create a culture of learning for people and teams — getting businesses ahead of the competition and people ahead in their careers.

A Cloud Guru Employees

They Really Like Us

They’re happy and we know it

We’re lucky to serve a loyal base of gurus who are super passionate about ACG. They like actually like us. We do all we can to let them know the feeling is mutual — like showering them with swag or sending individual videos to help learners celebrate getting certified.

What Makes This Team Awesome?

Speaking from (customer) experience


Growth opportunities

We’re getting bigger, but we think and act fast. This is a safe place to learn and experiment.

thumbs Up

Do some real good

Our work has a real impact on people’s lives. And they let us know it.


Positive people

Surround yourself with positivity. When you like what you're doing, work is less work.

party Hat

Serious fun

We’re committed to teaching the world to cloud — and having fun along the way.

What Makes This Team Unique?

We hear you loud and clear

Whether it’s your first day or your third year, your ideas aren’t just welcome at ACG. They’re needed.

There are such things as bad ideas, but we want those too! At ACG, we look for people willing to take a chance and make a mark. The ones who see something that needs to be done and go and do the dang thing.


Team Up

Meet the customer experience teams

customer Support

Customer Support

Helpful and caring, we’re the crew that can turn a bad-day support ticket into a reason to celebrate

customer Success

Customer Success

Enthusiastic and personable, we transfer our love of learning by consulting with our biggest business customers

The Mission You're Missing

Hungry humble helpers

One of our core values is ‘be hungry, stay humble.’ That's especially important for our team.

If you approach your job like you know everything, you can’t be useful. (And you’re probably a drag to be around.) We take our jobs and customers seriously, not ourselves.

Life at ACG
A Cloud Guru Employees

Quality Control

What qualities do people need to be successful here?

Open Positions

Customer Support. Paddleboarding. Cat petting. Whatever you're a guru of, be a guru with A Cloud Guru. Nervous about applying? Don’t be! If our mission, vision, and values speak to you, we want to speak to you too. College degrees aren’t required for any roles, and career gaps or switches are totally welcome.

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