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Learning designed for human consumption

Who says learning something technical has to be boring? With a human touch, the world’s text-ling cloud gurus, and a few LEGO bricks, we’re giving people the skills they need to move up in their careers and change their lives… and having a bit of fun along the way.

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That Will Teach 'Em

We make the cloud habitable

Based on the latest learning techniques and infused with humor, our content is more than meets the eye, transforming tech novices into gurus faster than robots turn into semi-trucks. Our refreshing "explain-it-like-I'm-5" approach to tech skills is a breath of fresh air, sparing new arrivals to the cloud from the bloated buzzwords and toxic jargon.

What Makes This Team Awesome?

A content team never content with good enough


You’re the expert

You’ll be appreciated for upholding our content quality standards.


Be the advocate

Be the voice of our students and a sounding board for the company.


People first

Help learners pick up life-changing skills and work where people are valued — both our students and team.

grad Cap

Teacher becomes student

We dedicate time each week to continued learning – from getting certs to brushing up on presentation skills.

What Makes This Team Unique?

Care to join us

Everyone on our team genuinely cares about our students, the quality of their education, and what that can mean for their careers and their lives. When that’s driving your decision-making process, the other pieces fall into place naturally.


Team Players

Meet the content teams

community Content

Community Content

Altruistic and innovative, we explore new ways of creating content that’s free to our community

content Operations

Content Operations

Meticulous and creative, we help courses launch twice as fast and with fewer mistakes

content Production

Content Production

Relatable and refreshing, we’re the instructors that create the content our learners crave

educational Design

Educational Design

Strategic and focused, we’re the researchers deciding what content gets created and how we create it

The Mission You're Missing

Learn to your heart’s content

Work with some of the most passionate, humble, and clever people in the industry. Everyone contributes, not only to the team, but to each other's development and success. We get to be creative, dive into tech stacks, and keep learning each day.

Content Team
A Cloud Guru Employees

Quality Control

What qualities do people need to be successful here?

Open Positions

Educational Design. Tech skills instruction. Sandwich making. Daytime napping. Whatever you're a guru of, be a guru with A Cloud Guru. Nervous about applying? Don’t be! If our mission, vision, and values speak to you, we want to speak to you too. College degrees aren’t required for any roles, and career gaps or switches are totally welcome.

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