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Women in Cloud and ACG partner for Hands-On Cloud Day Oct. 14

A Cloud Guru News
A Cloud Guru News

A Cloud Guru and Women in Cloud are teaming up at#WICxUNGA 2021 Oct. 14–15.

As a part of the event’s Cloud Employability Track and Hands-on Cloud Day, ACG’s Amy Coughlin and Lars Klint will guide learners new to the cloud and/or Microsoft Azure through a series ofnovice-level ACG Hands-on Labs exercises across two sessions: October 14 at 8–10 a.m. PST or 7:30–9:30 p.m. PST.

#WICxUNGA 2021 is free to attend with a suggested donation of $5. Register to attend here. Event attendees will receive 7 days of free access to ACG.

Labs covered during Hands-on Cloud Day will include how to create a virtual network and how to deploy your first Azure Virtual Machine. The Hands-on Cloud Day sessions will give attendees a free chance to get their hands cloudy and deepen their knowledge ofAzure fundamentals.

Top Paying Cloud Certifications and Jobs

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Need experience to get a job, but need a job to get experience. It’s a cloudy Catch-22! Watch this free, on-demand webinar with insights from the ACG challenge that helped dozens get their first cloud job. 

Start working toward a new career in cloud today

Learning new tech skills can feel overwhelming. At ACG, we make it easy. Whether you don’t even know what the cloud is or you have years of experience, we can help you pick up the skills that can transform your career (and your life) with a learn-by-doing approach.

Sign up for a free ACG account (no credit card needed!) and check out this month’s free courses. Or get a free 7-day trial and browse ACG’s full cloud-learning catalog and set yourself on the path from cloud novice to cloud guru.

Not sure where to begin? ACG offers learning paths to help guide your journey.

Ready to get hands-on and learn cloud right now? Check out ACG’s Hands-on Labs. The following Hands-on Labs playlists will help you pick up the fundamentals of cloud for AWS, Azure, and GCP:

What is #WICxUNGA?

WICxUNGA 2021 is a virtual event all about accelerating the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, including gender equality and decent work and economic growth) through digital transformation, economic opportunity, global inclusivity, and leadership development.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action for all countries to “promote prosperity while protecting the planet.” The goals “recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.”

The event is held in tandem with Microsoft’s #Buildfor2030 Hackathon and Ideagen’s 17 Days of Sustainability & Empowering Women & Girls Summit.

The #WICxUNGA event will capture powerful dialogue through unique activations focused on UN SD goals, including gender equality, sustainability, decent work, and economic growth, industry innovation, and strategic partnerships to achieve our collective mission and vision. It will cover social responsibility and collaboration to eliminate inequalities and injustices, including TED-like workshops, plenary sessions, roundtable discussions, and a pitch challenge.

This community event dives deep into addressing challenges we face today with next-generation solutions harnessing AI for good, sustainability, building trusted partnerships and networks, becoming effective strategic advisors, and developing career growth opportunities focused on leadership acceleration. How are thought leaders today changing the narratives for tomorrow? This is #WICxUNGA 2021.

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