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What’s New at A Cloud Guru – May 2020

Sam Kroonenburg
Sam Kroonenburg

Hello Cloud Gurus! This month we’ve got two amazing new courses on advanced networking and machine learning, a timely Release Review looking at Amazon Workspaces, the triumphant return of Lars’ Future of Tech series with not one, but two new episodes, and a major new feature for our ACG for Business students and admins.  

AWS Advanced Networking Specialty


Advanced networking must be the new black. After releasing Karlos Knox’s GCP Professional Cloud Network Engineer course last month, this month we go deep into AWS networking with Steven Moran and Brock Tubre’s new AWS Advanced Networking Specialty course. 

Networking is a core function of the cloud, and that’s never been more true, as organizations increasingly need to integrate their cloud resources with their already extensive real world networks. The world needs advanced networking specialists, and our AWS course is here to help you take that next step. 

Have an interest in cloud-native or hybrid networking? This course is for you, and covers all the areas of AWS networking and associated services you’ll need to know to snag your AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty certification and become an AWS networking specialist. 

A quick heads up: this course may not be for everyone. We recommend that you have an associate-level certification — preferably AWS SysOps Administrator — before diving in. You’ll also want to have a baseline level of knowledge about various networking topics such as the OSI model, IPv4 addressing and CIDR, simple IP routing logic, and subnetting.




Introduction to Machine Learning


Machine learning isn’t the easiest technology to wade into. Much of the available training presumes a level of advanced math knowledge that can be intimidating to newcomers. This creates a vicious cycle where the major limiting factor on machine learning’s potential is the lack of skilled practitioners. 

If learning new concepts by way of differential equations and cryptic Greek symbols isn’t your thing, our resident ML guru Scott Pletcher is here to guide you into the world of machine learning in an entertaining, non-scary, non-differential equation way. This introductory course is specifically designed for people without deep math backgrounds, and Scott cuts through the jargon with similes and metaphors to equip you with concepts and understanding that you can put to work immediately. 

In this course, you’ll learn to distinguish between AI, ML, data science, and statistical analysis, take a tour of available tools and resources, evaluate and frame business problems for potential ML applications, and understand various types of machine learning through real world examples. We’ll even train a self-driving car!



Future of Tech #301 – Transportation

FoT-TransportationThis month we’ve got not one, but two new Future of Tech episodes. First, join Lars Klint for an insightful (and highly entertaining) look at how we get around. In this episode, we jump into the driver’s seat and explore the past, present, and future of transportation. We’ll delve into ancient Egypt, the social impacts of our current transport systems, teleportation, and of course, rockets!




Future of Tech #302 – The Internet


How will we use the internet in the future? Can it continue to grow and grow, or is an end to the internet? In this episode of Future of Tech, Lars answers the nerdy questions about brain implants, explores the social and economic impacts of our reliance on the internet, and poses a question of personal sacrifice.




Release Review #304 – Amazon Workspaces


In our latest Release Review, Nick Triantafillou gives a rundown on Amazon Workspaces — not a new release, but a topical one given the shift to remote working seen around the world. Amazon Workspaces is a managed desktop-as-a-service solution that allows an organization to set up virtual desktop environments in AWS and provide access to employees. Follow along as Nick provides an overview of Workspaces and shows how to create, configure, use, and tear down a virtual desktop. And be sure to stick around for Nick’s pros, cons, and final verdict about whether to invest, evaluate, or revisit this service. 




We’ve also got two new Azure Fireside Chats, where Lars sits down with Azure experts Henk Boelman and Laurent Bugnion, as well as new installments of GCP This Month and Kubernetes This Month

And as always, you can turn to AWS This Week and Azure This Week to keep up with all the major developments and releases from the two largest public cloud platforms. 

Cloud Playground – Learn by Doing


This month we’re also thrilled to showcase a huge new feature for our ACG for Business students and admins — Cloud Playground

Cloud Playground is the best way to learn cloud — by actually doing cloud and experimenting in risk-free environments. Cloud Playground replaces ACG Sandbox Environments, but it’s way more than just sandboxes. It’s a whole playground…thus the name! The key components of Cloud Playground are Cloud Sandboxes for AWS, Azure, and GCP, customizable Cloud Servers, and our handy in-browser Instant Terminal. All designed to let teams get hands on with the cloud and learn by doing, without giving system admins anxiety attacks about surprise fees or security risks. 

If you’re on an ACG for Business account, you can check out Cloud Playground by heading to your dashboard. 




Until next month, cloud gurus!

That about wraps it up for this month’s edition of What’s New at ACG. Keep an eye out for even more updates for us next month. Until then, stay safe, keep learning, and keep being awesome, cloud gurus!



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