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What’s New at A Cloud Guru – June 2020

Sam Kroonenburg
Sam Kroonenburg

Hello Cloud Gurus! This month we find ourselves on a bit of a VMware kick, with two awesome new VMware courses and a Release Review that takes a close look at VMware Cloud on AWS. We’re also announcing our newest original series, looking at disaster control in the latest episode of Future of Tech, and rolling out a Teams feature for our ACG for Business members.  

VMware Cloud on AWS Management

As companies continue to adopt cloud, VMware Cloud on AWS gives them the option of natively integrating and migrating their VMware private infrastructure to AWS. In this course, Daniel Stinchcomb teaches you how to use VMware Cloud on AWS for globally distributing workloads, building cloud-based disaster recovery, and integration AWS services with VMware-based applications.

This course will help prepare you for the VMware Cloud on AWS Management Exam 2019 (5V0-31.19), and is recommended for experienced VMware users who are already certified and have advanced knowledge of the VMware product suite. If that’s you, this course is an awesome way to expand your skills to include VMware on AWS.

Professional VMware vRealize Automation

VMware vRealize Automation is a hybrid cloud automation platform that transforms IT delivery – and one heck of a name. Join Mark Mikula for a trip down the vRabbit Hole of everything you need to know about VMware vRealize Automation, and how you can use it to deliver anything as a service (XaaS), from Virtual Machines to full business applications, regardless of where those resources live. 

This course is a great way to learn vRealize Automation and prep for the Professional VMware vRealize Automation 7.6 exam, with a focus on getting hands-on with the technology.

Introducing DeepComposer: The Series

After our DeepRacer series, we’re excited to announce our next original series – DeepComposer! Brought to you by Machine Learning Hero and Alexa Champion Kesha Williams, this six-episode series will help you develop your machine learning skills as you compose a brand new, original music track using generative AI and the AWS DeepComposer device. Who knows, you might even score a recording contract (probably not, but it never hurts to dream big dreams). So come harness the power of AWS DeepComposer and become a machine learning rockstar!

Future of Tech #303 – Disaster Control

Between 2005 and 2014, around 1.7 billion people were affected by earthquakes, floods, fires, and other natural and non-natural disasters. That’s a lot! In this episode of Future of Tech, we look at how technology is helping us reduce that number and save more lives.

Release Review #305- VMware Cloud on AWS

Travis Ralph’s new Release Review rounds out our VMware extravaganza this month with a deep look at VMware Cloud on AWS, the integrated cloud offering developed by VMware and AWS. Travis looks at what it is, how it enhances native VMware Cloud capabilities through AWS, and how you can use it to quickly extend your current software defined datacenter into a hybrid cloud solution. After digging into the details, we’ll jump into a demo, and then wrap up the review with our pros, cons, and verdict.

We’ve also got two new Azure Fireside Chats, where Lars sits down with Azure experts Henk Boelman and Laurent Bugnion, as well as new installments of GCP This Month and Kubernetes This Month

And as always, you can turn to AWS This Week and Azure This Week to keep up with all the major developments and releases from the two largest public cloud platforms. 

New ways to test yourself

Beyond our new courses and series, we’re also adding two new practice exams to the Exam Simulator this month, for AWS Advanced Networking — Specialty and Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer. Head over to the Exam Simulator to check them out.

New to ACG for Business — Teams

Finally, for our ACG for Business members, we’ve recently rolled out a new Teams feature that allows admins to group various cohorts into a team, filter reports, assign learners to a specific team, and more.

Teams also creates the role of Team Coordinators, sort of lesser admins who can view usage reports and add students to Study Groups and Learning Paths at the team level, without having full admin privileges. The Team Coordinator role helps admins delegate more run of the mill duties and enables teams to take greater ownership over their own skills development.

Admins can check out the new Teams Feature in their dashboard. 

Until next month, cloud gurus!

That about wraps it up for this month’s edition of What’s New at ACG. Keep an eye out for even more updates for us next month. Until then, stay safe, keep learning, and keep being awesome, cloud gurus!


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