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What’s New @ A Cloud Guru: October 2020

Matt McDougall
Matt McDougall

In a normal year, October is the month when a lot of us would start thinking about the big end-of-year conferences and events. Of course, 2020 is anything but a normal year. Nobody’s scouting hotels or booking flights. But the cloud doesn’t really care if events are live and in-person or virtual. Big announcements, new services, and major updates are coming regardless, and we’re here to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make sense of them, and hopefully take advantage of them in your job.

Contain yourself

KubeCon is coming up Nov. 17-20, making these next few weeks the perfect time to extend your Kubernetes know-how. Our Google Kubernetes Engine: Beginner to Pro course is a great way to go from, er, beginner to pro, and it’s just been updated with all the latest stuff you need to know. You can also check out our full slate of Kubernetes courses and Hands-on Labs to build or reinforce your K8s skills. 

Fresh AWS goodness

AWS re:Invent (Nov. 30 – Dec. 18) is starting up in a few weeks, and if you’re planning to get certified or re-certify before or during the event, the time to start preparing is now. Our freshly updated AWS courses are the perfect way to do exactly that, combining our always-engaging instruction with hands-on learning and the latest and greatest information you need to ace your exams and thrive in AWS. 

Attending the Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo (Nov 4-5)? You’ll definitely want to spend some time with our updated AWS Certified Security – Speciality 2020 course.


Your very own replicator

Get hands-on with a DevOps darling. Our new HashiCorp Packer course takes you through the core concepts of a Packer build, then puts you in the driver’s seat to automate the creation of your own machine images across multiple platforms. Along the way you’ll gain a new appreciation for how Packer can help operations teams deploy infrastructure faster and improve parity between dev and production environments. 

All new courses







Check in on your favorite series

We’ve got new episodes coming out all the time, so be sure to check back often!

Keep up with the latest in tech innovation 

As always, our weekly and monthly updates help you stay current with all the news, updates, and fresh releases from modern technology’s leading platforms. 

Learn how others are learning cloud

How are organizations and individual learners actually pursuing cloud learning? We surveyed over 26,000 individuals and analyzed more than 3 million hours of activity to find some pretty interesting answers. Check out what we found in our 2020 State of Cloud Learning Report.

Featured blog post

Each month we’ll be highlighting a blog post we think you should check out. This month, Forrest Brazeal tackles the question, How many certifications do I need to get a cloud job? The answer? You’re probably asking the wrong question. 

Take up the #CloudGuruChallenge

Want to put your cloud skills to the test and demonstrate hands-on ability to potential employers? Our monthly #CloudGuruChallenge puts our learn-by-doing approach on steroids. Complete one of our spec-based portfolio projects, and an ACG instructor will endorse you for the demonstrated skills on LinkedIn. All you need is an ACG free-tier membership to post your results to the forum. 

September’s project is out now, and be sure to keep an eye out for our October #CloudGuruChallenge, coming soon from the awesome Kesha Williams.  

Recent & upcoming webinars

Join ACG and industry experts for fun and thought-provoking discussions on a range of topics, from high-level cloud strategy to hands-on implementation. 

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What are you learning?

We always love hearing what our learners are up to. What certifications are you studying for? What challenges are you trying to solve? What cool things are you building? Drop by our forums and let us know, or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Until next month, keep being awesome, cloud gurus!


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