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What’s free at A Cloud Guru: October 2020

Eric Pulsifer
Eric Pulsifer

It’s no secret that cloud skills are a hot commodity. But did you know you can pick up new skills for free from ACG? With the minty fresh new A Cloud Guru platform, we’ve added the ACG Free Plan, which gives everyone free access to some awesome cloud learnings and a revolving menu of our top courses.

October’s lineup of 25 free courses includes plenty of DevOps goodness — including Python 3 Scripting for System Administrators and PowerShell Core for Linux Admins — plus Kubernetes training and intro courses around AWS, Azure, GCP, Serverless, and more.

No tricks, all treats. Let’s see what’s in the cloud skills candy jar.

AI, ML, and Data

Big Data Fundamentals
What’s the big deal with big data? Learn about architectural problems and how to solve them with cluster computing, distributed storage, and cluster management.

Introduction to Machine Learning
Get up to speed on machine learning (ML). Facing your first ML project? Struggling with the math jargon in other ML courses? This course has you covered.


Azure Architecture Design Concepts
Pick up the concepts that form the basis of Solution Architecture, including design principles, requirements gathering, and resource consumption and cost control.


Introduction to Cloud Computing
What’s this cloud thing everyone is talking about? Our non-technical intro to cloud will teach you the terms needed to get started in cloud.

AWS Essentials
Ready to get started with AWS? This 17-hour beginner’s course will intro you to AWS, core services, and the process of setting up your own account.

Google Cloud Concepts
What is Google Cloud? Why do we use GCP? This course for Google Cloud Platform beginners covers GCP concepts in simple terms.

Serverless Concepts
Get a high-level overview of what Serverless computing is without getting too in the weeds. This course will school you on Serverless jargon and concepts.

DevOps Concepts
What’s DevOps and how it can it transform your software development practices? This intro course teaches the concepts needed.

Azure Concepts
See the core components of Azure and how companies are using Azure today. With this course you’ll learn how and why companies pick cloud providers.


EKS Basics
Ready to get started with Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Learn the basics of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and get up and running.

GKE Basics
Learn the concepts of Kubernetes and the basic building blocks of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). You’ll be deploying containers to production in no time.

Docker Quick Start
This quick course gives you what you need to know to get moving with Docker, including how to install Docker and run containers in your environment.


Choosing the right database service on AWS
This course provides an intro to database options on AWS, including the benefits of each and the types of problems they’re best at solving.

Amazon DynamoDB Deep Dive
Learn to build scalable, high-performance applications using AWS DynamoDB. This course is intended for all skill levels, even newcomers to database development.

DevOps / Development

Introduction to Python Development
This 15-hour intro will teach you how to read and write Python code . Pick up the basics and learn to develop your own Python projects

Python 3 Scripting for System Administrators
Learn to write powerful scripts, and create command-line tools using Python 3. You’ll go through the full process to build two command-line tools.

PowerShell Core for Linux Admins
Tap into the power of PowerShell Core. This intermediate-level course covers using PowerShell for remote administration, managing Azure, installing Docker, working with SQL Server, and more.

Automating AWS with Lambda, Python, and Boto3
Learn about AWS automation using Lambda and Python. Integrate Lambda with popular AWS services, like EC2, S3, SQS, and DynamoDB, and discover the power of Lambda.


Linux Operating System Fundamentals
Know nothing about Linux and looking to get started? This all-levels-welcome intro covers the history of Linux and how Linux is used today.

How to Get a Linux Job
Whether you’re a seasoned IT vet or new to the field, we’ll teach you how to apply for (and get) your first Linux job, including networking, contacts, cover letters, résumés, and what to focus on in your job search.


Network Routing Fundamentals
This intro course provides a solid foundation in the basics of network routing, including IP addressing, types of routing, protocols that govern decisions, and policies used in advanced network routing.


Identity and Access Management for Azure
Looking to learn about Azure’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) offering? This course covers building, administrating, and working with IAM in Azure.

How to Properly Secure an S3 Bucket
Learn how to lock down your data in this course that covers methods for securing S3 buckets and remediating security issues.

Kubernetes Security
Kubernetes can be frustrating when starting out. This five-hour course guides you through Kubernetes Security concepts and best practices.

Google Cloud Security Essentials
Learn the fundamentals of securing a Google Cloud environment and how to manage who has access to what resources.

New free courses coming soon

That’s it for this October. Stay tuned for November’s free courses, and keep being awesome, cloud gurus!


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