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The World Needs Agility in a Time of Great Change

Sam Kroonenburg
Sam Kroonenburg

A note from Sam Kroonenburg, CEO of A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy

The situation facing the world right now is unprecedented in modern times and everyone is navigating to find a new normal.

I want to start by saying that A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy have adapted quickly and there will be no disruption to our services or product and content delivery schedules. I’ve been proud to see how quickly all our awesome gurus have adapted to working from home while maintaining normal business hours and working practices.

We are a mission-driven education company and our customers always come first. We know that more than ever, this is a time when our customers and community are relying on us.

Supporting Our Community

Right now our entire user community is facing new challenges and the norms and routines for many people are changing.

With so many people now working at home we see a sharp increase in demand for learning and upskilling. It’s uplifting to see thousands of people choose to take some control amidst the uncertainty.

Ryan and I started A Cloud Guru because we believe that excellent education should be accessible to as many people as possible. We have always worked closely with our community to make sure our education is meeting the needs of the times.

We believe that the times now call for even more accessible and affordable cloud education for those in need; whether they’re an individual looking to change their lives, or a global enterprise needing the power to strengthen an adaptive workforce.

Therefore, effective from today, we are temporarily reducing the price of both A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy for the next two weeks, to keep high-quality education within reach during these difficult times.

This will give our customers access to a full year of learning and upskilling across the entire content catalog. When ACG and Linux Academy combine, your account will get access to the combined platform, no matter which one you join today.

The Cloud Makes Us More Agile and Skills Will Get Us There

I believe that when the current situation subsides, the world will come out of this with a changed perspective. We’ll develop an even better appreciation for the societal and economic importance of mobile, agile and flexible work systems. The companies that can adapt fastest to changing conditions will fare best through these times. Agility has always been the promise of cloud, and why I firmly believe that cloud is the future of all computing.

When we started ACG, Ryan and I built the company entirely on top of cloud services. All of our systems are cloud-hosted and we have absolutely no infrastructure or servers on-premises. We did this because we know that a cloud-native company can move faster, adapt more quickly and always take advantage of the newest technology and innovations. It just makes sense.

This week at ACG, we’ve seen the incredible power of that flexibility first hand. On Monday, we shifted our entire workforce of 400 people, overnight, to entirely work-from-home. The result? Our staff are now supporting and delivering to 1.5 million customers entirely from home. Our gurus have the same access to systems, tools and data from home as they had from the office, via their same laptops. 20 years ago, this just would not have been possible.

Cloud technology makes the world more agile and more able to respond to new threats like COVID-19. This makes us safer as a society.

Once we get through this storm together, I believe it will further accelerate the shift towards cloud services and technologies. And skilled people are needed to power this shift. I’m heartened to already see so many people using this time to learn, upskill and ready themselves for the opportunities that will inevitably come once this threat has passed.

Stay safe, look after yourselves & your loved ones, and keep being awesome cloud gurus!

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