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The ACG Black Friday Sale is on!

A Cloud Guru News
A Cloud Guru News

Lock in low prices on the world’s leading cloud learning platform – now through December 4.

A Cloud Guru was built with a simple mission: to teach the world to cloud. And we take that task very seriously. Each ACG student who lands a cloud career out of retail or plumbing, or builds an apprenticeship factory to create brand new engineers at their company, is a testament to the power of accessible cloud skills development. And in a world of remote work, where everything from training to job interviews has moved online, our mission has only become more critical.

That’s why we’ve added a bunch of value to the ACG platform over the past 12 months by integrating on-demand multicloud sandboxes, creating team features like Skills Assessments, and releasing more than 300 new courses and 1400 Hands-On Labs, including those brought over in the Linux Academy acquisition.

However, these features are not cheap to deliver, particularly Hands-On Labs and Cloud Sandboxes. (You think your cloud bill is wild? Imagine tens of thousands of learners spinning up servers in regions all over the world … on your credit card!) So although we keep our membership plans as accessible as we can, including multiple pricing tiers and a regular rotation of free courses, the cost of A Cloud Guru is more than some of our community can afford. And when that’s the case, we’re not fully succeeding in our mission.

But now we’ve inherited something else from Linux Academy: the tradition of a Black Friday sale. Thousands of people used Linux Academy’s annual sales to get world-class cloud training on a budget, and we think it’s an awesome tradition that’s worth one more try.

So for a limited time — now through December 4, 2020 — we’re slashing the price of A Cloud Guru membership plans for all new users to get hands-on learning in as many hands as possible.

Sign up for a Personal Basic annual plan today and save almost 50% off the regular monthly price – like getting 12 months for the price of 6. During Black Friday, our personal plans, will get you full Cloud Playground access (including all those servers on our dime) for just $20 more than a typical Basic plan. And yes, you still get a 7-day free trial.

But we’re actually expanding on the old Linux Academy model, which didn’t historically include discounts for teams. For a limited time, we’re offering 15-20% off all new business plans as well

After December 4, membership plans will return to their normal price. But low rates for individuals will be locked in as long as you stay with A Cloud Guru. That’s right. Once you’re in the door, every day is Black Friday.

Whether you’re picking up a new cert at re:Invent this month or planning your company’s training strategy for 2021, our mission is to help you get there. Lock in your low prices now.


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