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April 21, 2022 is Tech Skills Day!

A Cloud Guru News
A Cloud Guru News

In 2021, A Cloud Guru joined forces with Pluralsight to build the best breadth and depth in technology workforce development. This year, you’re invited to Pluralsight’s fourth annual Tech Skills Day, a free virtual event to celebrate the power of tech skills and its impact on individuals and the world.

(For us, Tech Skills Day is right up there with Pancake Day or International Waffle Day – and in our opinion, just as fulfilling!)

(Please note that all dates and times listed are in the US Eastern Time zone.)

What’s happening on Tech Skills Day?

With ACG and Pluralsight coming together, we just knew we had to take this year’s event to the next level, so attendees can choose from a range of sessions, fireside chats and practical walkthroughs  from two (yes, two!) simultaneous tracks: Pluralsight Skills and Cloud. Next, we’ll take a look at our lineup of rock star technologists and the topics they will be diving into.

What speakers and sessions can I look forward to?

To kick off the day, we have keynotes from two industry luminaries: Forrest Brazeal and Scott Hanselman. Forrest is Head of Content at Google Cloud and author of The Read-Aloud Cloud. Scott is a developer division community manager at Microsoft and a familiar face at Pluralsight events — he also spoke at Tech Skills Day in 2021.

  • On the ACG Cloud track, we’ll have experts from across the cloud platforms, from Kesha Williams, Sr. Principal of AWS Cloud Residency at Slalom, to Banjo Obayomi, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS Cloud.
  • As a reminder, while the ACG Cloud track is happening, there will also be a Pluralsight Skills track for developers that is being streamed at the same time. You don’t have to worry about  missing out if you want to watch both tracks, though. All sessions will be recorded so you can always catch up later. 
  • You’ll also have the chance to win one of five awesome swag packs, each of which includes an Oculus Quest 2, Lume Cube Panel Mini, self-cleaning bottle, and more!
  • The event will close out with a virtual afterparty where attendees can network with other engineers. Details on how to access this networking event will be shared on the day. 

But wait, there’s more! In addition to expert advice and networking, new users who sign up for Tech Skills Day will also get 10 days of free access to Pluralsight Skills!

Register for the event here and take your tech skills to the next level!


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