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Cloud Adoption & Talent Transformation

Drew Firment
Drew Firment

The most important part of your organization’s transition to the cloud is the transformation of your talent. Cloud is a culture, and AWS certifications are the common language. A Cloud Guru’s on-demand, online courses enables engineers across your organization to work together as they design, develop, and deploy your cloud applications.

About A Cloud Guru: Our cloud-based technology learning platform provides a comprehensive, up-to-date library of cloud education offerings for all skill levels, including certification courses, skills assessments, hands-on labs, a set of weekly technology-news series by industry experts, and management dashboards that track student progress.  A Cloud Guru is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, and is available directly from the AWS Marketplace.

A Cloud Guru’s state-of-the-art learning management platform is developed by our in-house cloud engineers and powered by serverless — a technology that enables our content to effectively scale to more than 600,00 students in over 160 countries. Through our platform, we provide both businesses and individuals with the ability to stay current, stay relevant, and deliver results with cloud computing.  

The Challenge: The Skill Gap

Technology is changing faster than a company’s ability to acquire and master new skills. Since 2012, Amazon Web Services has releases over 4,000 new products and features  —  and the rate of change is accelerating. As the technologies behind cloud computing change rapidly, businesses are under more and more pressure to keep pace and stay relevant in today’s marketplace.

Companies are striving to improve the skills of their workforces to stay ahead of the latest cloud computing trends, and as a means to remain competitive. To be successful, companies have to quickly transform their workforces to incorporate more cloud professionals.

The primary impediment to scaling the adoption of cloud computing is the lack of a  cloud-fluent workforce. There is a reason why the #1 challenge regarding cloud computing is the lack of appropriately skilled engineers : it requires a new set of skills and a mindset which haven’t been needed in the past. Cloud education — and certification — are essential to preparing an organization to transition to the new operating model.

As a result, companies are seeking to hire and retain cloud professionals  that can leverage the latest advancements in technology. Managers need to empower their employees to innovate in order to create or maintain a competitive advantage.

To address this challenge, many legacy companies still use traditional instructor-led training, which can’t effectively scale to meet the increasing demand of large organizations.  This costly and antiquated approach to training often fails to deliver results, as many instructors lack sufficient cloud-specific expertise and the material, itself, is difficult to keep current in today’s evolving cloud computing landscape.

The Process: Cloud Expertise Available On-Demand

A Cloud Guru disrupts the traditional training models by offering a cloud-based technology learning platform that’s easily accessible. Learners on our platform can quickly acquire today’s most valuable cloud computing skills through high-quality content delivered by industry experts, available on any device at any time. We provide businesses with the most current training for their workforce, allowing them quickly advance the skills of their teams and their organizations.

  1. Establish a Common Language. Cloud is a culture, and AWS is the language.  Certifications earned using A Cloud Guru ensure that teams are trained using a common knowledge base and shared understanding of cloud computing. The rigor of the AWS Certifications is invaluable to establishing a baseline of cloud fluency. The common knowledge base ensures that engineers are sharing a consistent understanding of cloud computing.
  2. Transition to a New Culture. Talent transformation efforts must achieve critical mass before the transition to a new operating model can become self-sustaining. While the delivery of traditional technology training is usually limited by the size of a classroom, our online learning platform efficiently scales to meet the demands of any organization. A Cloud Guru continuously produces new content and keeps existing content up-to-date, so your teams can learn knowing that our courses accurately reflect the latest in cloud computing.
  3. Achieve Real ROI from Cloud Adoption. As more individuals became cloud fluent, teams begin leveraging standard approaches and patterns— which results in greater efficiency and higher-quality implementations. Ultimately, using A Cloud Guru is a means to achieving outcomes that define the business case for cloud migrations. The success of cloud adoption and migrations comes down to your people  —  and the investments you make in a sustainable talent transformation. Until you focus on the #1 bottleneck to the flow of cloud adoption, improvements made anywhere else are an illusion.

The Result: Partner Success Stories

A Cloud Guru empowers our customers to both adopt cloud computing and thrive in the face of unprecedented technological change. As a result, business and technology leaders now see us as their training partner who enables their teams to succeed in the cloud.

Partner Story: Verizon

Verizon is one of the largest communication technology providers in the world.  To support the migration of its business applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and take full advantage of the benefits the cloud provides, Verizon needed a talent transformation program that enabled cloud fluency across its organization.verizon_logo_small

“Choosing A Cloud Guru as our training partner was a big part of setting our employees up for success. They offer the most comprehensive AWS training courses and exam prep and have a huge community of cloud-fluent engineers, who supported our team throughout their training process.”

A Cloud Guru provided Verizon with cloud training and AWS certification courses, and they exceeded their goal with well over 1,000 IT employees receiving their AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate certifications in just 7 months.  With the critical mass of its IT organization achieving cloud fluency, Verizon could take full advantage of the reliability, security, performance, and cost benefits provided in the cloud.  Learn more … 

Partner Story: UK Government’s DVLA  

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) maintains the registration and licensing of drivers in the UK. The DVLA holds over 48 million driver records and over 40 million vehicle records, they collect around £6 billion a year in vehicle excise duty.

To support their long-term strategic plans, DVLA is moving to agile methodologies and cloud-based services. To enable a shift to the public cloud, DVLA is creating a state-of-the-art, modern workplace, so that staff can work in an environment where they have the training, skills and capabilities they need to succeed.


“Working in a value-added partnership with A Cloud Guru as our training supplier has enabled our teams to succeed in the cloud.  The training provides our staff comprehensive AWS training courses, and a community of cloud computing experts to advance the development of our people and strategy.”

Since embarking on their massive digital transformation program to bring technology teams in-house, DVLA is investing heavily in their own people to genuinely improve services, rather than just maintaining legacy technology.  DVLA is one of the largest employers in south Wales with over 6,000 staff, and is now a multi-award-winning government organization.  Learn more … 

Partner Story: University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is consistently recognized as one of the top universities in the world. The Mendoza College of Business Undergraduate Studies program provides students with the opportunity to gain an excellent business education built on the traditions of high achievement and values that form the foundation of the University of Notre Dame.

The university is focused on preparing their students for a business environment that is rapidly changing, and has first-hand experience with the opportunities that Amazon Web Services (AWS) affords to both their students and staff. The university has migrated its website to AWS, and plans to move 80% of its workloads in the next three years — and is already saving 40% annually on IT operations.


“My students are fast becoming experts in a broad range of AWS services, with a solid understanding of key architectural concepts specific to cloud computing.  The skills they are learning from A Cloud Guru are reinforced in the classroom with real-world use cases and example.,

Notre Dame is now investing in a cloud computing curriculum that creates opportunities for their students to both learn advanced cloud-computing skills and earn a valuable certification that is valued by potential employers.  Learn more … 

Partner Story: Women Who Code 

Ultimately, A Cloud Guru’s mission is to make cloud computing skills available to everyone.  And the more our students learn, the greater the number of jobs they’ll find available to them. Similarly, this expanding pool of cloud-fluent talent will help our business customers find the right engineers with the right skills they need to meet their business objectives. But closing the skills gap requires a commitment to the community beyond our business ventures: this is why we’ve partnered with Women Who Code and AWS We Power Tech.

wwcode_Final Logo

“A Cloud Guru’s continued support for WWCode demonstrates a a commitment to empowering women to become leaders in the tech industry. This partnership helps to propel our catalytic work of providing training and skills for women so they can level up in their careers, so they can innovate and continue to shape the future of tech.”

A Cloud Guru is partnering with Women Who Code and AWS We Power Tech program to build a future of tech that is every color, gender, belief, origin, and community.  Join us to build skills, get engaged, and disrupt the face of tech.  Learn more … 



A Cloud Guru is the premier training platform for cloud computing, delivering world-class courses by engineers, for engineers.  Ryan and Sam Kroonenburg founded A Cloud Guru in 2015, and have since educated over 600,000 students in over 160 countries on cloud computing.

To learn how A Cloud Guru can accelerate your team’s adoption of cloud computing, please visit


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