headshots of Peter Sbarski and Forrest Brazeal
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AWS Serverless Heroes Announced

Ryan Kroonenburg
Ryan Kroonenburg

ACG’s Peter Sbarski and FaaS and Furious creator Forrest Brazeal top the inaugural cohort of AWS Serverless Heroes.


We’re proud to announce that ACG’s VP of Content, Peter Sbarski, and ACG Contributor Forrest Brazeal (creator of the FaaS and Furious cartoons) have been recognized as AWS Serverless Heroes.

Serverless Heroes are early adopters and spirited pioneers of the AWS serverless ecosystem. They evangelize AWS serverless technologies online and in-person as well as open source contributions to GitHub and the AWS Serverless Application Repository. These Serverless Heroes help evolve the way developers, companies, and the community at large build modern applications.


hero-peter-sbarski.487e57845156f625f3ff607c7cd29ca61e93e8d6In addition to driving content creation at ACG, Pete’s the organizer of Serverlessconf the world’s first conference dedicated entirely to serverless architectures and technologies. His work at A Cloud Guru allows him to work with, talk and write about serverless architectures, cloud computing, and AWS. He has written a book called Serverless Architectures on AWS and is currently collaborating on another book called Serverless Design Patterns with AWS’s Tim Wagner and Yochay Kiriaty of Microsoft.




hero-forrest-brazeal.8a7fe3ea399b563c36849bbc67d33b3135109e24Forrest is a senior cloud architect at Trek10, Inc, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that specializes in serverless solutions. Outside of his day job, he interviews the top names in cloud for his “Serverless Superheroes” series at A Cloud Guru and also creates the FaaS and Furious webcomic. He is heavily involved with Serverlessconf and regularly speaks at workshops and other events in the serverless community.




The AWS Hero program recognizes a vibrant, worldwide group of AWS experts whose enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing has had a real impact within the community. Heroes go above and beyond to share knowledge via social media, blog posts, open source projects, events, and user groups. 



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