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Meet the Recruiters: Melissa DeJong Hardy

Danielle Bechtel
Danielle Bechtel

Melissa’s non-traditional background makes her the perfect person to recruit an unconventional cast of culture-adds to our ever growing A Cloud Guru team. Equal parts empathy and encouragement, her dedication to our mission is unmatched.

Melissa is one of the driving forces behind hiring for our go-to-market roles in Austin, Texas as well as throughout the United States. She’s the brains behind our internal referral program, and you can often find her walking around the office with her noise-canceling headphones talking about the perks of working at ACG.

Meet Melissa

Recruiter for: Business Operations, Marketing

Favorite Perk: $500 Home Office stipend. Recently remodeled home. Currently torn between a new desk chair and a lifetime supply of post-it notes.

Advice to candidates:Having a passion for ACG, for the role, and for our values really goes a long way.

I don’t come from a traditional recruiting background. I have a degree in Marketing, and considered going to grad school for Advertising. I’ve worked in event planning. I’ve worked for several nonprofits. I even ran my own photography business for many years. When I landed in the tech industry, that’s where I discovered my love for recruiting.

I love seeing resumes where candidates have had untraditional backgrounds, but they’re still able to call out accomplishments and make relevant connections to why our role is something they would love to do. Having a passion for ACG, for the role and for our values really goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to apply for roles at ACG because you never know what could happen!

What initially drew you to A Cloud Guru? And why did you ultimately decide to join?

I found A Cloud Guru’s profile on Built In Austin when I started looking to get into the tech industry. I was working for a non-profit and wanted to find a home where I really resonated with the mission and the culture. I was immediately drawn to the mission, the founders’ story and the company values.

I was immediately drawn to the mission, the founders’ story and the company values.

I originally applied to a contract event planner role but then decided I wanted a full time role, so I followed the company and would get emails about new roles when they were posted. October is my 1 year anniversary and, looking back, I’m so thankful to have been on this journey and grateful for all I’ve learned along the way.

What makes you proud to work at ACG?

So many things! Our culture is something that has always been important to me. I remember when I interviewed, I asked Sara Zabukovec, our Head of People and Culture, about her plans to keep a great culture while the company grows. Even in a global pandemic we’ve managed to pivot to an incredible WFH culture. When candidates ask me what we’ve done in response to COVID and I list off all of the initiatives, virtual events, and new benefits we’ve released just in the past few months, it’s kind of mind-blowing!

I’m also grateful to be on the Talent Acquisition team, and have a hand in hiring some incredible talent for our growing teams. It makes me proud to see those hires being shouted out on Slack or even in Sam’s (ACG CEO) weekly company update! 

I’m incredibly proud to work for a company that truly cares about their employees.

I’m incredibly proud to work for a company that truly cares about their employees. To be a part of the larger People & Culture team and work with absolutely incredible humans who care so much is such a bonus.

Which value is your favorite, and why?

I know I can’t say all of them, but that’s the truth! My favorite one recently has been Learn All The Things. I recently passed my AWS CCP after watching our ACG courses and studying for two months. It was such an awesome accomplishment that I never would have done had I not worked for ACG. It made me feel proud to have accomplished one of my goals for the year — and now I can speak from experience when I say that our courses are really for anyone and everyone!

What are you known for being a Guru at in the real world?

I am a travel planning Guru! My husband and I love to travel and I love to plan. We’ll pick a destination and some dates and then I’ll create an itinerary and AirBnb choices. He fondly calls me “the finder” for the cool towns and must-see things to do that I find on Pinterest. We did an England & France trip in 2018 and earlier this year we traveled for 2 weeks in the South Island of New Zealand. Hopefully next year we’ll make it to Ireland to visit some of our friends who just moved.

As a recruiter, why is diversity and inclusion important to you?

Just like our ACG courses are meant to make learning inclusive and accessible for everyone, I think hiring should be the same way. I have always appreciated the hiring process at ACG and how we strive to hire the best person for the role. We often don’t require college degrees and I’m always constantly impressed with the passion and drive of candidates. I really enjoy learning about their experience.

Working with hiring managers, the biggest compliment I can get as a recruiter is that I’ve put forth a diverse set of candidates from different backgrounds and experiences. Oftentimes our roles are brand new, so we’ve never had someone in that position before and we may not know who we need until we speak with them. Personally, I love speaking with candidates who are super passionate about our company, our values, and extra bonus points to the ones who have actually tried our product!

What is something you wish candidates knew?

I hate having to reject really great candidates that I know would love working at ACG. And when I say please keep in touch, I really mean it! In the past few months we’ve hired two candidates who were runners up from other roles. When a new role opened up a few months later, I thought it may be something they’d be interested in. I reached out and put them through our interview process and they both got the job! I was so thankful to be able to make that “Congratulations” phone call the second time around.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and keep in touch. We’re always hiring and growing and honestly you never know when that perfect role will open up!


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