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Life at ACG: Own Our Outcomes

Tina Hamburger
Tina Hamburger

What makes working at A Cloud Guru special? The culture and our values are top of the list for most of our people. That’s why we prioritize taking time out of our busy days to celebrate them. Recently, we celebrated our value Own Our Outcomes. Like much of the world, we’ve been working remotely since March, so it was essential for us to come together and have some fun . . . virtually, of course!

What’s Own Our Outcomes all about?

Own Our Outcomes is the idea of holding ourselves accountable as individuals and teams. We live Own Our Outcomes every day by playing an active part in ensuring our team succeeds. We know we can always ask for help, and being honest about when we need a hand helps us achieve our goals. 

So, what better way to celebrate this value than with a virtual team-building exercise? Now I know what you may be thinking: eye roll, snore — another virtual team-building activity? But wait! These had us laughing, crying, casting spells, getting up out of our chairs, and getting a little silly.

The Employee Experience team worked their magic to organize some extraordinary virtual team events for our teams around the globe to participate in. The aim of the games was to get to know each other better, bring us closer together as a team, and (most of all) have fun.

War of the Wizards and The Office Games

For our first event, we teamed up with to play a game called War of the Wizards. We split into teams and became wizards’ minions working together to find a peaceful resolution to a conflict. It was a treat to catch up, create ridiculous storylines, and have a laugh together. The chaos wheel determined our outcomes. We gathered sparkles, had a home scavenger hunt to find items for a magical potion to defeat a friendly bridge ogre, cast spells, and used fierce collaboration to win the game. Our teams invented hilarious team names like Cloud Beard the Ridiculous, Legobrick Squarehead, and Dumpling the Drunk!

Our second game was Office Games. (Think: a virtual Office Olympics or a mashup of fun competitions.) This virtual game was designed to create connections and form friendships, which is definitely needed in a remote environment — especially when you consider we’ve hired more than 150 people this year, so there are so many people we haven’t met in person yet! It encouraged us to forge new bonds, build skills, and inspire strong teamwork. Like real-world sporting events, this online version was both competitive and collaborative! 

We formed small teams, came up with clever team names, had home scavenger hunts, and competed in world-class trivia. So much fun and so many laughs!

What did our people have to say about the events?

“I had so much fun in War of the Wizards today. We all get so wrapped up with our work that it’s nice we have a scheduled fun activity to make us stop and get to know each other on a personal level.”

“Thanks for actively working on making us stop and have fun. My group had so much fun, and I haven’t laughed that much in a long time.”

“I had a lot of fun in the games. It was super engaging and exciting to break out into groups and interact with people we normally don’t interact with.”

“That was amazing fun, thank you!!”

Worthy causes

To sweeten the pot, A Cloud Guru donated money to the winning teams’ charity of choice. The victorious teams chose to donate to the following awesome causes:

We’re looking for awesome people (like you)

Want to see where you might fit in at A Cloud Guru? Check out the ACG Careers site for open positions and more about life at A Cloud Guru.


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