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Learn From Anywhere For Less

Sam Kroonenburg
Sam Kroonenburg

I’m pleased to announce that effective today, we are lowering the regular price of an A Cloud Guru individual membership and launching a free education program for those impacted by COVID-19. 

As the global workforce adjusts to a new, unprecedented reality, working and learning from anywhere has become not just a possibility, but a necessity. To support the community during this sudden transition, we recently offered a temporary price reduction for our industry-leading cloud skills platform. In the weeks since, it’s become increasingly clear that this shift isn’t some temporary disruption, but a new normal. And meeting the learning needs of a globally distributed community during this time requires even easier access to effective remote learning tools. 

Ryan and I founded A Cloud Guru on the belief that high quality tech education should be as accessible and affordable as possible. Therefore, we’re making our price reduction permanent. 

Effective today, we’re lowering our annual membership for individuals to $379 (that works out to $31.58 per month, paid yearly). This lets us provide affordable cloud education to even more students during — and beyond — these challenging times.

With this new lower pricing, you’ll get access to the full A Cloud Guru individual membership, including our fresh, comprehensive content and advanced tools, led by instructors who are as unique as our students. From quick tutorials and hands-on labs to advanced technical deep dives, we offer a variety of learning experiences that let you build your skills in the way that works best for you. And due to our always-online model, ACG is available wherever you are, whenever you’re ready, at your own pace. 

Looking to go deep in specialized areas of the cloud? Set off down one of our curated Learning Paths and go from novice to guru in areas like architecture, data, and security. 

Looking to get certified? In addition to learning anywhere, you can now cert anywhere, too. AWS, Azure, and GCP have all moved fast to offer some or all of their certification exams online, and we’re stepping up with prep courses, quizzes, and exam simulators to rocket you to your certification. Plus, our instructors keep things interesting and relatable, making it easier to stay engaged, stay motivated, and hit your goals faster. 

In addition, we know many people and families out there are feeling the economic pain inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe we must help those in our communities who are suffering, and in that spirit we’re launching a free education program for 1,000 U.S. residents who’ve lost their income due to this pandemic. Recipients will receive free access to the entire A Cloud Guru learning platform for the next year, giving them an opportunity to re-skill and ready themselves for new opportunities in high-demand cloud computing careers. To submit your application or get more information about the program, just follow the button below.

There’s never been a better time to get that cert, grow your modern tech skills, or advance your cloud career — from anywhere. We’re firm believers in the power of education to change lives and help our communities. We couldn’t be more excited to be making this change, so we can do our part to help. Let’s reach for the clouds together. 


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