Cloud Adventure
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It’s time to play Cloud Adventure: Race to Cloud Castle

Forrest Brazeal
Forrest Brazeal

You stumble down a forest path. Above you, trees blot out the sun. The trees have craggy branches and ugly names: impostor syndrome, production outage, technical debt. You’re searching for Cloud Castle, but it’s nowhere to be found.

Far down the path, you glimpse an ancient wizard approaching. Multicolored symbols cover his robe. Many are foreign to you, but you do recognize the Kubernetes logo. Instinctively, you cower in fear. 

So begins Cloud Adventure: Race to Cloud Castle, a branching, text-based adventure game where YOU choose the ending. It’s free to play, and you can start now.

Cloud expertise has many paths, and so does this game. You will have to try out cloud services to unlock hidden treasures and advance the story. We’ve scattered clues throughout the cloud; your next instruction might be hidden in a fearsome Azure storage blob or a mysterious SQS queue. We guarantee you’ll play with cloud services that are new to you! But beware the Giants of Gatekeeping and the fog of FUD.

The more paths you solve, the better your odds of winning an awesome prize. We’ll be giving out special Cloud Adventure swag, cloud provider credits, and even a free A Cloud Guru Personal Plus membership to a lucky few who reach Cloud Castle. (Some location restrictions apply; see the game page for full details.)

You should be able to play the game in the free tier of your cloud environment(s). If you are an ACG for Business or Personal Plus member, use Cloud Playground to get clean, disposable cloud sandboxes at the click of a button.

Competition runs through Friday, September 4, 2020. The game is ready … are you?


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