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We want to hear your Guru Stories

A Cloud Guru News
A Cloud Guru News

At ACG, we wholeheartedly believe learning tech skills can help people find a better career — and a better life. One of the greatest joys for us is to hear from gurus about what cloud learning has meant in their lives. That’s why we’re launching #GuruStories.

What got you here? What’s next? Share your experiences, and let people just like you (or not at all like you) see the potentially life-altering power of learning new skills.

Your stories are inspirational to other cloud learners and a delightful reminder of why we do what we do at ACG.

Tales from the cloud

Take the story of guru Veliswa, an eager go-getter who worked her way up to becoming a Cloud Engineer. “A Cloud Guru has changed my life,” she said. “The fact that I was able to study for that certification opened the doors for me … Today I can call myself a Cloud Engineer, and three years ago I would have never, ever have thought such a thing would happen.”

When someone like Veliswa embarks on a cloud-learning journey and comes back to tell the tale, you bring the ACG team along for the ride. Even better, you show others who may just be starting out where cloud learning can take them.

Or consider the story of Tom, a U.S. Navy vet who found a second career as a Cloud Operations Manager. He struggled to find work being out of the tech industry for some time. But A Cloud Guru helped him lock down a trio of certifications and a new career. “I walked out the door and I got a 100% pay increase over what I was earning before,” he said. “And I directly attribute that to the learning and the opportunities that A Cloud Guru opened up for me.”

Hashtag along with us

Stores like these have inspired our new hashtag #GuruStories. #GuruStories will pull all these awesome stories together to help other gurus (or aspiring gurus) share in the wins and celebrate together. We are here for the #GuruStories from anyone beginning their journey due to life-changing circumstances, switching careers, trying to land that dream job, or polishing skills sponsored by their job, to the experts who have been taking us along on the ride for years.

Accomplishments big or small, we want to hear it all. Whether cloud learning has changed your life, your career, or given you a nice pay bump — or if you’re just feeling proud of yourself for earning a new cert or passing a course — we want to hear from you, gurus!

So make some noise. We want to hear your stories, learn from you, find ways to help you reach all your goals, and celebrate with you and the entire ACG family. Be on the lookout and start tagging us with #GuruStories on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Find a better career in the cloud

Whether you’re a complete newcomer or a seasoned techie, our explain-it-like-I’m-five approach, hands-on tools, and engaging instructors will help you learn new cloud skills — and have a bit of fun along the way.

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