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G2 Ranks A Cloud Guru Among Fastest Growing Products for 2021

Katie Bullard
Katie Bullard

Our mission at A Cloud Guru is to teach the world to cloud, ensuring that everyone has access to the tools that will help them become proficient in the technologies that are shaping our future.  We’re committed to opening up opportunities for anyone looking “to learn all things” to achieve a brighter future, and we’re making it easier for organizations to sustainably invest in their people – the most precious asset they have.

In order to fulfill that mission, we have to deliver the most effective, comprehensive, and hands-on cloud education platform in the world.  That’s a heavy responsibility we all take incredibly seriously here. That’s why we’re so honored to announce that we were named to G2’s list of Fastest Growing Products for 2021.  It means we’re delivering access to education that’s changing people’s lives – at a faster and more inclusive pace than ever.

G2 is a global, business solutions review website and all of its lists are curated based on reviews from A Cloud Guru users. That makes this especially exciting – it’s not based on our own data, it’s based on our customers’ advocacy for the value we deliver.

While we’re proud to have been recognized on this list alongside companies like Zoom, Slack, and Paylocity, we also want to use this as an opportunity to look to the future. Our product may be fast growing, but what exactly are we growing into?

It’s clear that the face of technical education is changing, and we’re driving that transformation with a clear approach to learning.  It’s not about certification, it’s not about training through boring courses, it’s not about learning once a year. It’s about a real-world, practical approach to constantly growing and upskilling in context with the most pressing opportunities you’re working on. 

And of course, we will continue to deliver on our promise of making tech education fun and engaging with the best instructors anywhere.  

The future of technology looks different. It’s more inclusive, more diverse, more open, and more multi-cloud.  We are here for it. 


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