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Announcing The New A Cloud Guru

Sam Kroonenburg
Sam Kroonenburg

Today marks the beginning of a new era in tech education, with the launch of the new flagship A Cloud Guru platform. Following the acquisition of Linux Academy in December last year, our new combined platform is the most comprehensive, hands-on, and effective solution for cloud learning in the world. Our platform represents a new, modern way of learning that drives real results in the cloud, for both individual learners and enterprise teams.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve watched cloud computing become a major disruptive force in information technology. Businesses are embracing cloud at an unprecedented rate because they want to be more innovative, flexible and cost-efficient. Put simply, the cloud is eating IT.

It has been exciting to watch the cloud platforms become public commodities, where everyone has equal access. This has revolutionised the competitive landscape, giving even small startups access to the same computing power as many of the world’s largest companies. And it has created a race to the cloud that few can opt-out of. If a business doesn’t adopt cloud, its competitors will, and quickly they’ll be able to provide more innovative solutions to customers at lower prices.

The big challenge for individuals and businesses is working out how to get to the cloud and how to make the most from their cloud investments. It’s a daunting task. The cloud is large, with 3 major providers each made up of thousands of services and capabilities. And every day, they are adding more. Customers tell me all the time that they feel overwhelmed and they want a guide.

ACG is here to chart the course to cloud success and accelerate that journey. We know customers aren’t adopting cloud just for the sake of using new technologies – they have tangible business results they need to achieve: migrations, cost reduction, faster delivery of innovations and better experiences for customers.

Our new platform is laser-focused on arming customers with the skills they need to achieve these outcomes, and to get them there faster. The faster a customer can build these skills, the faster they can realise valuable results from the cloud. 

The new ACG is the first step in this vision to deliver valuable results faster, with:

  • engaging learning that keeps learners motivated
  • bite-sized 20-minute modules they can fit into a busy professional life
  • hands-on labs in REAL cloud environments so customers can learn-by-doing
  • intelligent skills assessment to meet customers “where they’re at” with tailored learning paths to their goals
  • the largest cloud computing community on the planet, with over 2 million learners to interact with and learn from

The most exciting thing for me personally is that this is really just the beginning. By combining the two market-leading companies, we’ve been able to stop wasting time on building many of the same things, and instead, assign our larger combined team to build entirely new content and innovative learning experiences.

Every month, we are releasing dozens of new courses and hands-on labs across the spectrum of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, DevOps, Security, Operating Systems Programming, and Cloud-Native technologies. Which means that your ACG subscription gets more valuable every single day.

The new ACG team is the most talented, positive and passionate group of people I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. We are driven by a core belief that the cloud is the future of technology. I’ve never been more excited about the future and I cannot wait to see how our customers use the new ACG platform to achieve truly remarkable things.


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