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2020: That’s a Wrap

Matt McDougall
Matt McDougall

2020 has been a year. 

And while it’s largely been a year of uncertainty — from a global pandemic to wildfires, murder hornets, and strange monoliths — it’s also been one of rising to the challenge to create opportunity and achievement. 

Join our CEO and fearless leader, Sam Kroonenburg, for a look back at 2020, at all that A Cloud Guru has accomplished, and that all of you in the broader ACG community have accomplished. 

Thank you for a great year. Or rather, a very bright spot in a year that we’re all ready to put behind us. 

Keep being awesome, cloud gurus! 

Start 2021 off right

The cloud was one of the rare success stories of 2020. Even in the face of everything else going on, most companies increased their investments in cloud learning and technology. Cloud — and cloud skills — has never been in higher demand. 

Want to get a head start on 2021? We’ve got you covered with hundreds of courses, thousands of Hands-on Labs, original video series, and all the hands-on tools you need to learn by doing.

Already in the middle of a course? Know exactly what you’re going to learn next? Awesome!

Need some ideas and inspiration? Check out what’s new this month at ACG and start learning new skills. Or, catch up on everything that went down at this year’s three-week re:Invent


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