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What’s New at A Cloud Guru | September 2019

Danielle Bechtel
Danielle Bechtel

September is the month of trending tech. Trends like VR and AI sound cool, but unless you’re working at the SpaceX and Googles of the world, you don’t always have the time in your day job to practice these skills. That’s why we built fast and practical ways for you to build skills in today’s cutting-edge and trendy technologies. Set aside 1 hour this week, and see what awesome things things you can build. The future is here my friend.

Augmented Reality… is this all a simulation?

rr-202LEARN | Sumerian

Amazon Sumerian lets you build immersive environments with Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) or other 3D applications quickly and easily without needing graphics expertise. Sumerian is built on the idea of ‘scenes’, or 3D immersive environments, and can be populated with ‘hosts’ – animated 3D characters who can talk to your users, act as guides through the scenes, and effectively fill in the storytelling role of helping the user or player through a narrative arc. We discuss the pricing and use cases and go through a simple demo. Corey then renders the verdict on whether to hold, dabble or invest.

Learn about virtual hosts >


DO | Build a Virtual Scout

Amazon has taken build your character to whole new levels. Create your own virtual avatar with Amazon Sumerian. Have your host welcome visitors or whatever you can dream up. Learn how to create your own host using Amazon Sumerian and deploy it to your mobile application using Amazon Cognito, Amazon Polly, the AWS SDK for Java and the ARCore SDK for Android. This is a tangible way to build a foundation for creating immersive 3D environments and applications for your end users. & it’s cool to have a mini you.

Build your own virtual host >

Machine Learning


LEARN | Amazon Personalize

Ever wondered why you get recommendations to buy a second TV right after you buy a 65″ flatscreen TV on Amazon.com? There’s actually logic to this! In this Release Review, Corey Quinn gives you a personal review of Amazon Personalize, Amazon’s realtime personalization and recommendation engine. This is the same technology that underpins the display of related items you see when you’re shopping on Amazon.com. Powered by Machine Learning, Amazon Personalize works on a variety of click, purchase and other data. Corey talks through use cases, pricing and then goes into the verdict on whether you should dabble, invest or hold.

Go to the episode >

New Trending Tech Courses

Go Serverless with Graph Databases on AWS

Graph Databases like Amazon Neptune are incredibly powerful but relatively under appreciated. By the end of this course you will be able to spin up a Graph Database stack and a simple web application to leverage your graph data using the serverless framework and AWS Cloudformation. To keep it fun, we use Amazon Rekognition to build a face identifying app to sort through family photos that we all have lying around.

Go to the course >

Introduction to Azure DevOps

This is the perfect way for anyone (not just developers!) to learn how to work with the 5 services that make up Azure Devops: Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Test Plans, and Artifacts. You have all the tools you need to build and maintain your backlog and master CI/CD and testing. Setting aside just 3 hours to learn these services will save you hours in your delivery cycle.

Learn Azure DevOps >


Kubernetes This Month

Reading blogs, twitter posts, and listening to podcasts to stay up-to-date can be a bit of a slog. It’s easy to feel like things are changing faster than you can keep up. That’s why we’re so invested in simplification. Our Original Series sound and look cool, but they’re really the brainchild of us trying to solve how we can deliver short and timely information in a way that you can consume on your daily commute. We wanted to build something that actually fit into engineers lives.

Watch Kubernetes This Month >

A Cloud Guru is built on community. Most of our employees were members of the cloud community before working here. Even down to our name – We chose ‘A’ cloud guru vs ‘Cloud Guru’ because there isn’t just 1 Cloud Guru, we wanted to give anyone, anywhere the chance to become a cloud guru. This is why we try to highlight those in the tech community that are truly experts in their domains. Here are a few of those experts…


Azure Fireside Chat: Jon Fancey: Seamless app integration with Azure

At the Microsoft MVP Summit in Seattle, Lars catches up with Jon Fancey (Principal PM Manager) to talk about Azure Integration Services, Logic Apps, Service Bus, API Management and how these tools can solve complex business problems. He explains how these integration services are being applied from traditional integration to more modern solutions.

Listen to the chat >


Azure Fireside Chat: Miao Jiang: Azure API Management goes serverless

Lars sits down with Miao Jiang (Senior Program Manager) to discuss the Azure API Management tool and how it enables developers a self – service way to discover, access and trial new APIs, as well as publish, secure and analyse existing ones. Miao Jiang talks us through the transformation policies which make versioning a more effortless process; the resource kit for DevOps including best practices and guidance; and, what we can expect from future updates.

Listen to the chat >

All new content & a few awesome instructors:

Aww yah! New Features

Exam Simulator

It costs $300 just to sit an AWS Specialty or Professional exam. We don’t take that amount of money lightly. Our Exam Simulator lets you take all the practice runs you need, in conditions that mirror the real thing, so you can go into your actual exam confidently. When you complete the Exam Simulator, you will know how you scored, but more importantly you will see exactly how you performed in each domain, which allows you to save time studying on exactly what you need to know.

This month we launched new exam simulator questions for the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exams.

You will stand out in the market with these certifications. Why not take the simulator today to see how much you know?! Unlimited attempts are included in all ACG Memberships.

Go to the Exam Simulator >

We add Google to our Accelerator Program!

When businesses attempt to tackle upskilling by simply giving a student access to training resources, we’ve found that real life tends to get in the way. That’s why we created a program that creates positive peer pressure and clear accountability by giving users a SMART goal to works towards. While “Learn AWS is too daunting,” the Accelerator Program gives a clear path for your entire organization to have solid foundational knowledge of AWS and cloud principles.

Admins form study groups of students and enroll them in the program to receive a weekly guide designed by ACG of exactly what lessons to watch, labs to do and white papers to read in preparation to pass a foundational certification exam. We like to encourage that companies establish an advocacy process that includes this program. Because all students will be learning the same content at the same time, companies can schedule check-ins.

This month we’ve expanded our Accelerator Program to include Google Cloud. Admins can now create a study group and assign their users the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Accelerator Program.

Learn more about the Accelerator Program >


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