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What’s New at A Cloud Guru: May ’19

Danielle Bechtel
Danielle Bechtel

In this edition: New ACG Original Series for Azure and GCP, ACG for Business gets enhancements like Study Groups for all AWS Certifications and access to AWS Exam Simulator results, and our Reporting API is now available for pilot.

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May is the Month of Multi-cloud

Multi-cloud is here to stay. For many businesses, a multi-cloud environment is necessary for regulatory and compliance purposes. For others, it provides an opportunity to use different cloud providers for specific use cases that take advantage of their unique strengths. Even if you’re “all-in” with a cloud provider, you may continue to deploy multi-cloud environments, and we’re here to say “That’s awesome, we can help!” We’re bringing our ACG approach to all the major public clouds on our mission to teach the world to cloud.

1200px-Amazon_Web_Services_Logo.svgNew CSAA and AWS Certified Security Exam Simulators

For those who may be new to A Cloud Guru, our exam simulators replicate the real-life certification exams in terms of look, feel and user experience, so that you are faced with a similar time pressure, question format and level of difficulty as the real deal.
This month, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Simulator has been completely revamped to include more robust scenario-based questions and to eradicate any simplistic, true/false questions.
We also launched the very first AWS Certified Security – Specialty Exam Simulator! This 1750 minute exam is comprised of 65 advanced level questions intended to validate you’re ready to effective secure your AWS environment.

Image result for google cloudGoogle Next Recaps

Google had a strong, energetic, and clear message for developers – we are developers, we know your challenges and we are here to help you make sense of all the noise and buzzwords. If you missed the conference, check out Google Guru Mattias Andersson’s daily recaps:


Image result for google cloud
GCP This Month

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… that’s not all. To help you stay on top of all the changes, we launched GCP This Month. Host Julian Pittas breaks the episode into 3 sections:

  1. Quick Bites: Rapid-fire updates on various releases
  2. GCP Gems: ACG’s hand-picked releases from GCP
  3. Guru of the Month | GCP Edition: Win swag for correctly answering questions on our forums

Watch GCP This Month (It’s FREE!) >

Image result for google cloudApplied Machine Learning with BigQuery on GCP

Google Cloud is known for its powerful global reach and rich data analytics services. This course combines Google’s leading services with one of the most in-demand career fields in the world. Learn how data scientists and machine learning engineers can easily move their large datasets to Google Cloud Platform’s BigQuery without having to worry about scale or administration. BigQuery is a serverless, petabyte-scale data warehouse designed to house structured datasets and enable lightning-fast SQL queries.

Check out the course >

Image result for google cloud

Unburden Yourself from Unscrupulous User Uploads

If you run any kind of website that allows user uploads, you either need to trust your users implicitly or live in constant fear that they may upload the sort of images that your grandmother would not approve of. Now, you can put the power of the cloud to work for you and rest easy. In this ACG Project, we’ll create serverless functions to process and filter uploads, and access GCP’s machine learning APIs to judge if images are not safe for work!

Check out the course >

Image result for microsoft azure logoAzure Fireside Chats

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Get a little bit closer to the people in the know, and hear first hand what’s new, exciting, and amazing in Azure. ACG Instructor/Comedian Lars Klint is launching a brand new series, Azure Fireside Chats, as a way for you to learn what makes Azure experts passionate within the rapidly growing Azure community. Lars sits down with industry leaders such as Scott Hanselman, Jeff Hollan, Troy Hunt, and Christina Warren to break down industry trends in everyday terms.

Check out the series >

Image result for microsoft azure logo

AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design

Are you confused by the changes in the Microsoft Azure certification world? To keep up, we highly recommend adding Azure This Week to your Monday routine. If you missed it, Microsoft recently released the Azure Solution Architect Expert Certification which requires you to pass the AZ-300 and 301 Exams. In our AZ-301 course, we’ll help you to gain an in-depth understanding of how to determine workload requirements, as well as how to design for identity, security, deployment, and migration. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to successfully design data platform solutions, and strategies for business continuity and infrastructure – everything you need to pass your AZ-301 exam.

Check out the course >

1200px-Amazon_Web_Services_Logo.svgKeep and eye out for Mission Impossible: Database Recovery

In this project, some malicious hackers have corrupted and deleted the database that keeps gravity working here on earth. you have to defeat the hackers by recovering all the databases. It’s a really great and exiting way to get more experience using RDS.

All New Content

Cheers for NEW FEATURES!! ?

Exam Simulator Results

Access to AWS Exam Simulator Results

We developed our AWS Exam Simulator so students can practice in the same user interface they’ll face in the real exam. We find it helps students go into their test more comfortable, confident, and prepared. Plus, if they need to boost their score, we give them personalized recommendations on where they should spend their time studying. We’re putting exam score data (plus quiz scores) in the hands of admins so that you can build more robust, data-backed transformation programs. Know when a team member is ready to sit an exam so that you’re not losing money in failed attempts.

Now ACG for Business admins can:

  • View the number of students, attempts, avg. score, and average best score by certification
  • Access a full list of all your organization’s Exam Results
  • See an individual students Exam Results on their user profile

Study Groups-1

New courses added to Study Groups

Our Study Groups feature is changing the game for scaling talent transformations. They’re easy, intuitive, and they’re getting even better. Alright, I’ll stop selling you on them… go check them out in your ACG Admin Portal! What’s new with Study Groups this month:

  • Assign any AWS certification course to your team members
  • Set a deadline for your team, and use our cool Study Groups report to track progress
  • Greet new study groups with a Welcome Email, or don’t – the option is up to you, the world is your oyster
  • Add and remove students as teams change
  • Share progress for all study groups via an automated email with attached formatted PDF (Monthly reporting is now a click away)

API Beta

New Reporting API ready for pilot

Set it and forget it! Automate the transfer of data for reporting and transparency into your transformation. All data from our business reporting is included. This is a game changer for larger organizations, and it’s now available for customers to pilot. If you are interested in getting onto the pilot, please contact your customer success manager.

What we’re REALLY excited about this month…Cloud Profile

? Introducing your very own Cloud Profile 

Prove your cloud skills with your very own data-backed cloud resume. Tell people your cloud training story by showcasing your skills, contributions to the community, and industry experience. This is YOUR unique page. You can share it with anyone to prove your skills. Share it with your boss to showcase your certifications, send it to a future employer as data-backed proof of your skills, or hey, send it to your parents to explain what you do for a living. But first, go to update your Cloud Profile to show your awesomeness to the world.

Coming Next Month

We’ll be bringing you AZ 103, IPv6 on AWS, AWS GovCloud, and for our popular Machine Learning course we’re going to transition that from preview to full availability. Don’t worry, we’re going to let you know as all of this content launches.

Keep being awesome, Cloud Gurus… and May the fourth be with you.

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