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What’s New at A Cloud Guru July 2019

Danielle Bechtel
Danielle Bechtel

What’s New at A Cloud Guru: This month we have two of our most popular courses out of preview, we launch tons of new content and hands-on labs, ACG for Business admins get the ability to assign Learning Paths, and Cloud Profiles just got even better.

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Out of preview! AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

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Our wildly popular AWS Machine Learning (ML) certification course is officially out of preview, clocking in at 13 hours, 78 lessons, and 9 chapter quizzes. Created with non-math people in mind, this course was meticulously designed to help anyone, anywhere tackle the complex concepts of machine learning.

What makes our ML course so special is the time instructors Scott Pletcher and Brock Tubre put into making what could be a complex, dry topic, fun and simplified. Lots of Machine Learning training in the marketplace assumes you are already an expert — using terminology that is a foreign language to most and explaining concepts by linking to cryptic academic papers. When I asked Scott how his course was different, here’s how he explained it…

If I want to make a margarita, I don’t have to know Ohms Law or the formula for angular acceleration. I just need to know how to use a blender and the proper ratio of ice, citrus and booze.  Similarly, if I want to run a Hadoop cluster, I don’t have to know how to setup, configure and manage it…rather I can use EMR.  We’re like Jimmy Buffet, and want everyone to make margaritas.  Who doesn’t want margaritas.

The reality is that we have a massive skills gap in the space of data science and machine learning.  The answer is not sending people through a 4-year degree programs or paying outrageous salaries to lure in talent, but rather giving bright people enough knowledge to use the AWS Machine Learning tools along with some cautionary tales around potential pitfalls.  Just like other skills evolutions, those smart people will find ways to deliver value and eventually skills supply will find equilibrium.

Check out the course >

Now Generally Available! Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

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Prepare to pass the highest paying cloud certification of 2019.

The Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam is one of the most challenging certifications in the industry today, but with that challenge comes great reward. If you already have a solid understanding of Google Cloud, and are ready to set yourself apart in the market check out the most popular GCP Professional certification. The Google Cloud is growing quickly; it was named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant and in the 2019 Gartner Data Management Solutions for Analytics Magic Quadrant.

Check out the course >



DeepRacer: The Fast and the Curious

This month we welcome the DeepRacer: The Fast and the Curious series, where we take the learning and hand it over to the machines … For those who don’t know, DeepRacer is Amazon’s machine learning powered robot car. In this 8-part series we’ll teach you the fundamentals of Machine and Reinforcement Learning, supervised and unsupervised learning, how to build a reward function and how to prepare for the AWS Deep Racer league.

We don’t stop there, as we also go under the hood and demonstrate the components built into the DeepRacer, and how they all come together to get your car racing. Along the way, we’ll also feature stories of our own students’ experiences, as well as interviews with league winners. And of course, our own teams’ journey in the physical and virtual leagues.

Master Machine Learning with DeepRacer >


NEW SERIES! Kubernetes This Month

We know how popular Kubernetes is with our students, so we want to make sure you can stay up to date with everything Kubernetes with a short & informative show each month.

In each episode, host Nigel Poulton provides quick-fire updates on major news, and then deep dives into covering the bigger announcements in more detail. Each episode ends with our Kubernetes Guru of the Month section, where you can answer a question in our forums for the chance to win a prize!

Launch Kubernetes This Month >


2 new FREE Azure Fireside Chats


Rimma Nehme: What is Azure Cosmos DB?

Spend 10 minutes learning about Azure’s managed database solution and get insights into the product roadmap. Lars Klint interviews Azure Product Manager, Rimma Nehme, as she shares the Cosmos DB’s future and some secrets to getting the most out of the platform.

Learn about CosmosDB >


Chris Klug: Container automation

Microsoft MVP, tattoo enthusiast and half Dane, Chris Klug, sits down with Lars to talk all about Docker, containers and Kubernetes. We learn how they can help manage the of packaging your applications, and assist in production. Try to contain your excitement!

Learn about containers >



ACG Projects 204

ACG Project: Auto-blacklist the Automatons

With the rise of machine learning, an army of automatons have taken over the human race! As a member of the A Cloud Guru resistance, your job is to secure the last remaining web applications and keep your resistance communication lines open. You’ll create a severless stack to detect badly behaving IP addresses and automatically block them using a Web ACL.

Join the resistance >

New Product Updates


ACG for Business gets advanced with Learning Paths

Figuring out what courses, labs, and certifications to take, and what skills your teams need to learn can be…overwhelming. That’s why we created ACG Learning Paths. All managers need to do is look at the work in front of them, and assign the learning path that best fits their teams’ roles. Our Learning Paths guide students through the skills they need to advance in 5 cloud career tracks: Architect, Data, Developer, DevOps and Security. We even have an Executive Path available only to ACG for Business members.

For businesses, Learning Paths offer a great way to sustain momentum and engagement. Employees can either embark on their own learning paths, or be assigned to specific paths based on resourcing needs.

With ACG for Business you can assign Learning Paths to teams and track their progress as their skills increase in the cloud. Each Learning Path is curated with required and supplementary courses, hands-on labs, short video series, and quizzes. Administrators have the ability to see progress at the organization level, as well as by student. Learning Paths are prefect for upskilling programs, cloud transformations, and new hire onboarding.

Learn more about ACG for Business >

UPLOAD_CertUpdate your AZ 103 Azure Administrator Associate Certification

Get credit for your Azure Certifications with our new ACG Certification Upload for the AZ 103 Azure Administrator Associate Certification. When you upload a certification to our platform it automatically shows up on your shiny new Cloud Profile. This is an awesome way to prove your cloud skills and showcase your accomplishments.

If you are an ACG for Business member your Azure certifications will show up on your Admin Portal Certification Report! This is an easy way to see just how many certifications you have across all the major cloud providers.

Upload your certifications >

Coming next month

Keep an eye out for a practical course on event-driven security and for the launch of one of the most requested Mobile features. Cast your vote for what you think it is in the comments!


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