whats new @ acg - learning paths have arrived + machine learning course preview
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What’s New at A Cloud Guru | April

Danielle Bechtel
Danielle Bechtel

In this edition: Updates to our AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Security – Specialty courses, we launch our AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty preview, and Learning Paths set you on the road to guru.

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New Certification Announcements!


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (CSA-A) 2019 Revamp ☁️01 Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

We’re baaack – with a revamp to our hottest course in the cloud. We are seriously dedicated to keeping our courses up-to-date, while taking a simplified “less is more” approach. Around here, it’s not about death-by-powerpoint, it’s all about helping you build in the cloud faster and more effectively. After talking with students, Ryan Kroonenburg (Co-founder of ACG and AWS Community Hero) made refinements to the flow of our most popular course, and deepened the focus on high availability and serverless. We’re always keeping up with AWS exam trends.

If you are unsure as to where to start in the cloud, start with the CSA-A (fancy acronym for the name of this course, because saying the full title is a mouthful). This foundational course will teach you the major components of Amazon Web Services, and prepare you for one of the industry’s most in-demand certifications! If you ever had the desire to get into cloud, but needed a reason to take the plunge – let this course revamp be your reason. But don’t worry, if you already kicked off learning, all your progress is still available on the 2018 version.

Looking to get your team to cloud? We recommend (regardless of role) that businesses undergoing wide scale AWS transformations encourage all of their engineers to take this course. That way, your entire workforce has a common understanding and vocabulary for working in the cloud.

Check out the course >

80 AWS Cert Machine Learning Specialty

NEW COURSE!! AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam ?


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 ?Make sure you watch the promo video… it’s silly.

AWS released a new certification exam, and we’re the first place with a course to help you pass it.

Big data and Machine Learning are arguably the hottest topics in tech right now, but between the complex equations and perplexing Greek symbols, it can feel like you need a math PhD just to understand the basics. We wanted to make a Machine Learning course with simple explanations that was accessible to non-math people. After all, this is A Cloud Guru, not A Variational Bayes Expectation Maximization Guru!

Introducing our newest certification course focused on helping you outsmart the new AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam. ACG Instructors Scott Pletcher and Brock Tubre break down the domains of AWS’ newest specialty certification with an intuitive approach. Challenge yourself, and tackle machine learning.

Check out the preview course >

acg-aws-certified-security-specialty2019 Revamp: AWS Certified Security – Specialty ?

Cheers to Cloud Guru, Faye Ellis for a significant 2019 update to our AWS Certified Security Specialty course. This update includes a brand new section on troubleshooting scenarios for security, monitoring, authorization and authentication, and secure network infrastructures. With security being a focus for all companies in the cloud, holding this specialty certification will set you apart in a competitive industry.

We know our gurus love quiz questions, so Faye went ahead and added over 120 new brain busters to test your knowledge.

Check out the course >

76 Azure FoundationsGetting Started with Azure Foundations and Compute

Start off on the right foot learning Microsoft Azure. We wanted students to have a solid practical introduction to building in the Azure cloud before they started studying for their AZ-100 exam.

This fast, 2 hour course will teach you the best practices and methods around Azure design and automation. You will quickly get the hang of how to build a basic network structure with Azure Virtual Network, then use this network as a backbone to deploy Azure Virtual Machines. At the end of the course, you’ll have a fully functioning product. Pretty cool stuff for anyone just dipping their toe into the world of cloud.

Check out the course >


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Future of Tech #203: Space Mining ?

There’s nothing I could write that does this Future of Tech episode more justice than watching the video above… but, I’ll try…

Hear about the earthly facts that stand in the way for humans to command control of celestial bodies and harvest their inner goodies. This is the episode that takes you to the moon and back using only the back of a spoon made from old rocket parts!

Curious? Check out the episode >

Now, let’s really shake things up…

Learning PathsIntroducing A Cloud Guru Learning Paths! ??

These are the only Learning Paths on the market that take you step-by-step from beginner to expert in your chosen career. When following a Learning Path, you can be certain you and your teams are on the right track to the gaining specialist knowledge, fast.

Whether you’re new to the cloud and unsure where to start, or you just reached your cloud certification goals, starting a learning path is the perfect next step. All you have to do is select the path that most aligns to your career goals, and follow along to grow your skills from a novice to a guru.

You can access the learning paths by visiting your dashboard.

Learning Paths-1

Master the 5 levels in our ACG Learning Paths:

  • The Novice: Understands Cloud Computing concepts and ideas.
  • The Apprentice: Can navigate the appropriate vendor GUI, and has basic understanding of security and core cloud services.
  • The Practitioner: Has hands-on experience building Cloud solutions, has practical understanding of security, and has exposure to more advanced topics such as containers and serverless. The practitioner can analyze and evaluate different architectural options.
  • The Professional: Has thorough understanding and experience building scalable infrastructure and applications. Uses infrastructure as code. Can effectively evaluate and reason about architecture and technological options. Understands tradeoffs between various solutions.
  • The Guru: ::aaaahhh:: The Guru has expert knowledge of security, networking, DevOps and infrastructure, and has the ability to propose new and innovative solutions, because the guru has a strong understanding of architecture, trade-offs cost, and the people considerations that make the whole thing work.

Unlock ACG Learning Paths by becoming an official member of A Cloud Guru

Become a Member: ACG for Business or Individual Membership

Coming Next Month

Next month is shaping up to be a big one with the launch of our new ACG Hands-on Labs, a whole lot of series of short, succinct and practical labs designed to help you on the job. We’ll also be launching our new API for Business Reporting. ?

See you next month for more exciting courses and platform features.

Keep being awesome, Cloud Gurus!


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