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Starbucks and Alexa

A Cloud Guru News
A Cloud Guru News

The new skill from Starbucks stirs up some interesting points about effective voice experiences

A new Skill for Alexa allows you to re-order your Starbucks order. This is great if you know your timing to get to your closest Starbucks but it stirs up some interesting points about effective voice experiences:

  • Voice works great when it’s a one shot experience. If Starbucks had programmed an interactive voice response (IVR) type of experience, it would have been brutal. Instead, this Skill essentially becomes a Dash Button of coffee ordering.
  • It condenses a bunch of steps into one. You’d have to find your phone, find the Starbucks app, launch it, potentially log in, then find the order button, etc. All this would keep your hands and eyes occupied. This is a much better experience.

What this Skill begs is for mobile voice ordering so people can actuate the ordering from work or on the go. Thankfully — Ubi App allows for this.

Ubi App allows you to access and interact with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS). By pressing the button and speaking a command, you can talk to Alexa and receive back a response.

Ubi App is best suited for developers to test push-to-talk interaction with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

Leor Grebler, UCIC is co-founder and CEO of Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC), a company dedicated to bringing voice interaction to hardware. Its initial product, Ubi — The Ubiquitous Computer, was a voice activated computing device that offered instant access to information and control of home automation devices. Ubi was one of the first products to offer natural environment-based voice interaction. UCIC has since transitioned to engineering services and tools for implementing voice, especially Alexa Voice Service.


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