Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - Now available in cloud playground
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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Now Available In Linux Academy Cloud Playground

Anthony James
Anthony James

Linux Academy is happy to announce that the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Distribution is available in the Linux Academy Cloud Playground. Cloud Playground is included in both individual Linux Academy memberships, as well as business memberships. Cloud Playground was specifically designed for professionals and companies who need to train their staff and may offer training time during business hours.Learn By Doing TrainingMany of our customers cannot easily provide lab-based environments for Azure, Linux, DevOps, Containers, Security, Google Cloud, and other platforms for their staff due to compliance, security, and network limitations on a corporate network. Linux Academy has been a Learn by Doing company since our inception in March 2012. We believe that learning hands-on is the only way to learn, so we created a Learn by Doing model to counterbalance how most exam training only teaches you to pass an exam, not how to use that information in a professional production environment. Here at Linux Academy, we designed the Linux Academy Cloud Playground as well as Linux Academy hands-on labs to provide safe real-world, hands-on training for professionals around the world that not only helps students pass the exam, but also teaches them how to use that knowledge in the real world.

  • Recently we announced the availability of Windows Server 2019 to our Cloud Playground along with Kali Linux and other new operating system software for your team to safely set up, deploy, and practice learning in safe environments.
  • We also recently announced Cloud Playground AWS Cloud Sandboxes and GCP Cloud Sandboxes (with Azure Cloud Sandboxes coming soon!). Many of our customers train several thousand employees and cannot provide accounts to each member for training due to management, compliance, and cost issues. They rely on Linux Academy Cloud Playground and Hands-On labs to be able to provide real-world learn by doing training to their staff.

One of our newest customers recently said:

“Your sandbox environment would have prevented the $12K bill I got last month because one of my employees tried something and left it running.”

Learn more about the Linux Academy Cloud Playground and feel free to request a demo of it by clicking here.How To Launch Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 in Cloud PlaygroundThis is just a glimpse at how easy it is to use the Linux Academy Cloud Playground with emphasis on how to set up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 server.Red hat Enterprise 8 


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