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Show off your certs with ACG Cloud Profiles: Now with more awesome

Ryan Kroonenburg
Ryan Kroonenburg

A Cloud Guru profiles get a little more awesome today with a revamp that brings in a slew of guru-requested upgrades. Your Cloud Profile has always let you showcase your skills, experience, and the breadth of your cloud know-how with the wider guru community. And now you can share even more (or less) and do it easier than ever before.

First and foremost, we’ve launched a new-and-improved certification uploader tool for showing off your certs. The retooled cert uploader lets you proudly plaster your hard-earned credentials on the refrigerator door in the cloud that is your Cloud Profile. While we were under the hood, we made sure that the new cert uploader could play nice with all kinds of certifications. AWS, Azure, GCP — if you can earn it, you can probably upload it. And we’ve made it easy to add and remove certs of all sorts from your profile whenever you like.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re also giving you more flexibility into what info you include in your profile. Now you can hide sections of your profile, including industry certifications, completed courses, and employment history. Just mark any section as private, and poof, it won’t appear on your profile. We’ve also simplified the process of making profile changes with an inline editor — and added step-by-step prompts to make profile setup a cinch.

Ready to get styling and profiling? Swing on over to your ACG profile and take the new profile improvements for a spin.

These are just a few of the awesome changes in store for 2020. Check out what’s new ACG this month, and stay tuned for more. Keep being awesome, cloud gurus!


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