Azure CLI - Is it something for me
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Azure CLI: Is It Something for Me?

Dylan Birtolo
Dylan Birtolo

What is Azure CLI?

If you’re reading this, you are likely familiar with Azure and have some passing familiarity with the portal. However, maybe you’ve heard about Azure command-line interface (CLI) and aren’t quite sure what it is for or when you might want to use it. Here’s a very high-level description.First and foremost, what is Azure CLI? It’s a cross-platform tool developed to help you interact with and manage Azure services. It’s a command-line tool, so you’ll do a lot of typing and not as much clicking when using it. It enables you to do just about anything you can do in the Azure portal, provided you know the proper commands. The design centers around automation, enabling you to set up scripts to run automatically.

Do I Need It?

Honestly, depending on what you’re doing, you may never need to use Azure CLI. The portal itself can handle most Azure-related tasks. The CLI doesn’t give any secret backdoor techniques or functionality. If you never need to use the CLI, that’s not a problem!Regardless, Azure CLI is an easy-to-use tool. In many cases, when you become familiar with it, performing several of the most common functions is more expedient than when using the web-based portal. Having a familiar library of commands to tap into speeds up the entire process. This lets you manage your Azure services in a more efficient manner.Not to mention, since the tool is command-line based, creating automated scripts that run and do any number of tasks is possible. Basically, if you know the commands to use, you can write a script and set it up to run however often you want. Using the command-line gives you the power to do this.Because Azure CLI is cross-platform, you can use it with Linux, Mac, or Windows. Its compatibility with several scripting languages makes it a useful tool for those who are familiar with them. This enables you to leverage the knowledge or skills you already have for automated tools.And there’s the fact that sometimes people prefer command-line tools. If that’s your preference, you might find Azure CLI more to your liking.In conclusion, I wouldn’t classify it as a need in most cases, but rather an option.

How Do I Use Azure CLI?

Good question! We provide an introductory course to get you started. Our course walks through an introduction of Azure CLI, introducing you to the platform and providing labs for you to experiment with the tool. We provide step-by-step instructions to carry you through most basic tasks, setting you up for success to continue to explore and use Azure CLI.  Check it out HERE!Whether you’re an administrator, developer, or architect, if you need a primer for the CLI, you’ll find tons of useful content in there. Enjoy!


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