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Instant Azure Sandbox Environments

Anthony James
Anthony James

At ACG, we’re huge advocates for hands-on training and offer endless Azure courses. We believe this is the best method for learning and doesn’t require extra time, money, or an additional subscription.  We supply the security configurations to connect to real environments, you focus on the training. To us, providing a place where a learner can quickly and easily access the tools they need for learning is essential. And those tools also need to be compliant to a corporate environment. That’s why we built our training around our Hands-On Lab platform, the only platform in the industry that includes these resources along with our training memberships.

The Birth of Azure Sandbox

About 9 months ago, one of our business customers stated, “We love your guided hands-on labs, they are like microlearning to learn a specific concept hands-on, and the real environments deploy in seconds! Amazing! However, we thought it would be great if you could provide a totally empty environment for our learners to spin up a cloud sandbox in seconds so they can safely test and try new features. We don’t need a course on every feature, but we would love to provide a way to safely learn and our company isn’t going to reimburse or manage several thousand cloud environments for each public cloud.”As we do with all requests, we took this seriously. And three weeks later, we launched the first AWS hands-on training courses. About 2 months later, we followed it up with our Google Cloud hands-on learning, and today, we are announcing our Azure Cloud training and learning paths! All of our training labs come at no additional cost to you or your team’s membership. And they are always automatically available to you in our Cloud Playground. Additionally, we developed instant terminals so you can use a browser-based terminal to connect to any Linux resource within those cloud sandboxes; removing port 22 and other compliance issues. Linux Academy and ACG are the only company with all three major cloud providers PLUS security, Linux, DevOps, and Containers Hands-On Labs. We also have the most extensive multi-cloud training library. Yet we still charge the same as everyone else. This speaks to our values and commitment to putting learners first.

How does it work?

Anybody on your business account or any individual subscription has access to our cloud playground. Let’s see how to access one.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Playground icon at the top of the page.
  3. Click on Sandboxes.
  4. Start the Cloud Sandbox you want to use.

You will receive a one-time-use username and password to log in to a real Azure environment. This environment gives your team access to train without worrying about cost reimbursement, compliance, or managing hundreds or thousands of staff accounts. That’s almost a full-time job you are saving management from by having a ACG membership!

Don’t have a team account? You are missing out, check out our team training, and get a quote today!

We Put Learners First

We believe it’s our mission to take care of our customers and learners. Some training companies claim to have sandboxes at a lower price, but they don’t give you access to an environment; they only provide videos. So, while you’re out looking through the other so-called ‘hands-on labs’ out there, be sure to give try ours first so you can accurately compare. Also, if you still don’t get what these Hands-On Labs and sandboxes are, check out our Azure learning paths and courses, or start a free trial and try one of our free hands-on labs today!


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