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Follow The Builders: 21 GCP builders to follow in 2021

ACG Technical Editors Team
ACG Technical Editors Team

With the first-ever ACG Community Summit just around the corner (June 28–30), we’re recognizing some amazing humans of the cloud who inspire us.

Previously, we covered our DevOps builders, the top AWS builders, and Azure builders you should follow. This week, we’re looking at builders from the Google Cloud (GCP) universe. These people have had a massive influence on the community through their work, but social media “reach” wasn’t a primary consideration for this list. Rather, we sought active technical contributors to the cloud community.

Let’s play a game of GCP follow the leader! Here are 21 GCP builders leading the way in 2021.

Graham Polley

Twitter: @polleyg

Graham Polley describes himself as a 1x engineer and “highly experienced charlatan with 15+ years of making it all up as I go along.” He’s based out of Melbourne, Australia, is an associate partner at Servian, and he blogs at

Lynn Langit 

Twitter: @lynnlangit

Lynn Langit is a prolific producer of cloud content. She’s an independent cloud architect, developer, and educator; a Google Cloud Developer Expert; an AWS Community Hero; and a former Microsoft employee. She’s talked with ACG about big data, NoSQL, and Google versus AWS and has shared her story with ACG Biographies.

Keep up with her on Medium, GitHub, or at

Krishna Gadhiraju (GK) 

Twitter: @multicloudguy

Krishna Gadhiraju (GK) is a techie who’s been working with cloud since its infancy and using YouTube to share his experiences and insights over the past few years. He’s currently a Distinguished Architect at Verizon working on migrating applications from on-prem to the cloud.

Sathish VJ

Twitter: @sathishvj

Sathish VJ is an 11-time GCP-certified Google Developer Expert, investor, tech architect, and tutor. Besides Twitter, he shares his extensive GCP knowledge on his YouTube channel (AwesomeGCP)and on Medium

Jonathan Pulsifer

Twitter: @jonpulsifer

Jonathan Pulsifer is a Canadian cloud security expert, a Kubernetes superfan, and former Security Engineer Lead at Shopify. Keep up with Jonathan on GitHub and at

Sharmistha Chatterjee

Twitter: @sharmichat82

Sharmistha Chatterjeea is a data science evangelist, author, speaker, and Google Cloud Developer Expert in Machine Learning and Cloud. She hosts Thought Leadership Webcasts with industry leaders on YouTube and writes at

Shingo Ishimura

Twitter: @sinmetal

Shingo Ishimura is a server-side developer with extensive GCP experience and an organizer of Google Cloud Platform User Group (GCPUG). Keep up with him on GitHub.

Yoyu Li 

Twitter: @yoyu777uk

Yoyu Li is a UK-based creative technology advisor at Infinite Whys, a Google Developer Expert for Google Cloud, an ambassador at Women Techmakers and, a community organizer of AWS User Group UK, and co-creator of People Atlas. Keep up with Yoyu at

Neil Ghosh

Twitter: @neilghosh

Neil Ghosh is a Google Developer Expert and engineering lead at Salesforce, where he’s interested in work building highly scalable distributed systems. Keep up with him on GitHub and at

Vikram Tiwari

Twitter: @Vikram_Tiwari

Vikram Tiwari is co-founder, tech at Omni Labs, and a Google Dev Expert for Google Cloud and Machine Learning passionate about helping others learn and build. Keep up with him on GitHub and

Antonio Cachuan

Twitter: @thony_ac77

Antonio Cachuan is a writer, teacher, and GCP Professional Data Engineer passionate about cloud, big data, and IoT. He’s active on Medium.

Kelsey Hightower 

Twitter: @kelseyhightower 

Kelsey Hightower is a Principal Engineer at Google working on Google Cloud, helping to develop and refine products like Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud Functions, and Apigees’s API Gateway. He’s a mentor, technical advisor, and speaker, who literally helped write the book on Kubernetes. He’s also a huge open-source contributor (follow him on GitHub); his Kubernetes the Hard Way is the inspiration for the ACG course of the same name. He’s talked with ACG about how you need SRE skills to thrive.

Yochay Kiriaty 

Twitter: @yochayk 

Yochay Kiriaty is a product manager for Kubernetes, GKE, and Google Cloud, and he’s delivering the keynote at the GCP of ACG’s Community Summit. You can follow him on GitHub.

Sam Witteveen

Twitter: @Sam_Witteveen 

Sam Witteveen is a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning and Deep Learning, founder at Red Dragon AI, and a mentor at Founder Institute. He’s focused on Machine Learning, TensorFlow, and Unity. You can follow him on GitHub and Medium.

Laura Morinigo

Twitter: @thisislalaok

Laura Morinigo is a London-based mentor, web developer advocate for Samsung, and a Google Developer Expert for Firebase, a Woman Techmakers Ambassador, and a co-organizer of GDG Cloud London. Keep up with her work on GitHub or Medium.

Tomas Trajan

Twitter: @tomastrajan

Tomas Trajan is a teacher, speaker, blogger, Google Developer Expert for Angular and web technologies, and the maker of Release Butler, a Twitter bot that helps people stay up to date with releases of popular frontend frameworks and libraries. Keep up with Tomas on GitHub, Medium, and at

Daniela Petruzalek

Twitter: @danicat83

Daniela Petruzalek is Lead Data Architect, Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, a Google Developer Expert in Go and GCP, an advocate for diversity and inclusion, a blogger, and a cat lover. Her specialization is data engineering and back-end development. Keep up with her on GitHub

Tavis Ormandy

Twitter: @taviso

Tavis Ormandy is a white hat hacker and vulnerability researcher with Google Project Zero. You can find Tavis on GitHub or at

Heather Adkins

Twitter: @argvee

Heather Adkins is Google’s Director of Information Security and Privacy and the co-author of Building Secure and Reliable Systems. Keep up with Heather at

Florian Rathgeber

Twitter: @frathgeber

Florian Rathgeber is a Site Reliability Engineer for Google, where he focuses on Service Level Objectives (SLOs), reliability, and performance for user-facing services in Google Cloud, and a coach/host at Codebar, a charity that runs free programming workshops in an attempt to bridge the diversity gap. Keep up with Florian at

Donna Malayeri

Twitter: @lindydonna

Donna Malayeri is a serverless enthusiast, developer advocate, writer, speaker, and Product Manager at Google Cloud. She’s spoken at Serverlessconf about managing the serverless application lifecycle and serverless is an ops experience of a programming model. Keep up with Donna at

There are hundreds of years of engineering experience represented above. And every one of these people has demonstrated a commitment to further that experience while sharing it publicly. That’s an extraordinary opportunity, and we recommend you take advantage of it today. Follow the builders!

What other outstanding GCP builders do you follow? Tag them on Twitter so others can find them too!


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