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#CloudMadness: Final Results

Forrest Brazeal
Forrest Brazeal

Final Results: 3/20/20

We have a winner! In a buzzer-beating finish, S3 has upset Lambda as the greatest cloud service of all time. Though Lambda held sway in our Facebook poll, S3 made up tons of ground on Twitter and ended up prevailing by just a handful of votes. (Although Lambda barely edged S3 in terms of cumulative votes across all rounds, so maybe we should call it a tie? Eh, that’s no fun. Let the OG cloud service have this one.)

Thanks to everyone for playing and sharing your brackets, insights, and friendly banter. With nearly 26,000 total votes, we packed more gurus into this game than could fit in most college basketball arenas! Maybe we should make #CloudMadness an annual event…

Until next time, keep being awesome, and watch for a fun follow-up on the winning service next week.

Championship Game: 3/19/20

Like winter itself, #CloudMadness must come to an end. Just one burning question remains before voting ends: Lambda or S3? 

We’ll have a proper celebration for the winning service here on the ACG blog. But first, you make the call. Vote on Facebook and Twitter, and settle #CloudMadness once and for all: what is the greatest cloud service of all time?


Final Four: 3/18/20

Lambda. DynamoDB. S3. CloudFormation. After more than 15,000 votes, it’s all come down to this: four AWS services, two more chances to vote, one big winner.

Our Final Four games will play out today on ACG Facebook and Twitter, and the championship final will take place on Thursday between the last two services left standing. Check out the bracket and make your voice heard — who will dunk on the competition as the greatest cloud service of all time?

Sweet Sixteen Results: 3/16/20

After a hotly-contested Sweet Sixteen round, one thing is becoming clear about #CloudMadness: there’s lots of love out there for AWS and serverless!

Lambda ousted EC2, Aurora stood no chance against DynamoDB, and BigQuery hung on to defeat Athena as the only GCP service still in the running.

That means the Elite Eight is set, and the real drama is just getting started. 

See the bracket below for the full results so far, and then cast your Elite Eight vote on ACG’s Facebook and Twitter. Who will triumph in the race for the greatest cloud service of all time?

Round 1 Results: 3/10/20

The first round of #CloudMadness has concluded! More than 8,000 cloud gurus participated in our initial voting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with top-seeded EC2 and Lambda getting the most love. 

But the game is just beginning — the remaining services move onto our Sweet Sixteen matchups, beginning today, where the choices get even tougher.

(Remember, the point isn’t to compare these services feature-for-feature — AppSync and CloudFormation don’t have much in common, after all. Just pick the service for each matchup that you think is most successful/powerful in its own domain.)

Check out the updated bracket below, then head to A Cloud Guru’s social media to cast your vote for the greatest cloud service of all time!



Bracket Preview (2/27/20)

March is here again, and with it, adrenaline-fueled competition on the world’s biggest stage. That’s right, we’re talking about CLOUD MADNESS, our completely normal quest to crown the greatest cloud service of all time.

We’ve drafted powerhouse cloud services from compute, storage, data, ML, application services, mobile, and developer tooling. AWS, Azure, and GCP are all represented, as well as a few other cloud services we just couldn’t leave out.

Now, they’ll each take their shot in a heart-stopping battle for cloud bragging rights.

Will top-seeded AWS Lambda make the final four? Can Azure DevOps pull off a Cinderella upset? The initial bracket is below, but YOU decide who wins the coveted championship. Follow A Cloud Guru’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the coming days for #CloudMadness polls as we vote on historic cloud matchups like Firebase vs AppSync, EC2 vs Azure VMs, and more.

Untitled_Artwork 15

We’ll update our bracket at the end of each round, so bookmark this post for official results. 

Get your Twitter fingers ready, maybe start an office pool, and help us crown the greatest cloud service of all time. Cloud Madness starts March 3!

Do your research before you vote!

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