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#CloudGuruChallenge: The Choose-Your-Challenge Mega-Mix

ACG Technical Editors Team
ACG Technical Editors Team

Every quarter, we ask one of our expert Training Architects to create a free challenge for our community to take on. These aren’t just any old challenges. They’re like real spec-based job assignments that force participants to open the Google tabs and go down the rabbit holes to figure out each step.

The #CloudGuruChallenge takes Learn By Doing to a ridiculous extreme. It has helped people pass interviews and get hired, as the project makes great conversation fodder in a job interview. It also seems to produce an Ikea Effect: learners get passionate about the community and the challenge because they put so much of their own work and creativity into the project.

Hiring managers overwhelmingly say that demonstrated hands-on skills are the most important thing to them when evaluating job candidates.

The #CloudGuruChallenge projects are designed to build your project portfolio, connect you to other passionate professionals, and level up your career. 

Most importantly, the #CloudGuruChallenge is FREE and available to everyone!

If you’re new to the cloud, take advantage of ACG’s free* tier account to pick up some new skills! *(Yes, it’s actually a free account — no credit card is required to sign up!)

Get your hands cloudy

Learn by doing. Whether you’re new to tech or a seasoned pro, we put new skills within reach with hands-on learning.

This quarter’s #CloudGuruChallenge

We’ve had so many interesting challenges thus far from Forrest Brazeal’s Event-Driven Python on AWS challenge to our most recent GCP Resume challenge from Mattias Andersson. 

While all of our challenges are available indefinitely, we are reopening three very special ones for this quarter.

Anyone who completes one (or more, if you’re ambitious) of the following projects between October 1 and December 31 will receive endorsements on LinkedIn by a skilled Training Architect, a fun shoutout from the A Cloud Guru LinkedIn page, and be entered to win A Cloud Guru swag! 

  1. Machine Learning on AWS – Kesha Wiliams 
  2. Multicloud Madness – Scott Pletcher 
  3. Build a continuously integrated global Azure app – Lars Klint 

How to Participate

You can complete the project requirements by yourself or in collaboration with others. Feel free to ask questions or work together in our Discord server — we have a dedicated channel for each challenge that Training Architects and other community members regularly collaborate in! 

When you finish all the steps of the project, post a link to your blog post, LinkedIn profile, and all other project components in the designated Discord channel. Our Training Architects will then be able to endorse you on LinkedIn for the skills you demonstrated! 

You must complete and submit your challenge by December 31, 2021, 11:59 PM CT. 

We hope you rise to the challenge!


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