business agility in the cloud - maximizing business value with AWS
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Business Agility in the Cloud | Maximizing Business Value with AWS


In the previous article in this series, I discussed the value proposition of cloud computing and also highlighted some of the benefits of the variable pricing model. Let’s now discuss business agility in the cloud.

Business Agility in the Cloud

Business agility is one of the most important activities that a healthy business must do in order to continue to grow and innovate. It allows a business to scope, prioritize, and to take on new initiatives.Being able to quickly create new environments, or quickly shut down failed or canceled projects, affords you the following benefits:

  • Increase the number of new projects in the funnel
  • Increase the speed by which projects move through the funnel
  • Decrease the downside impacts of project failures or cancellations
  • Keep costs low for the successes

In addition to cost savings and cost avoidance, let’s look at some of the ways you can realize improved business agility. For example, enabling the ability to deploy new features or entirely new applications faster, while reducing the frequency of errors, or increasing your ability to enter or exit new market opportunities much faster.Think about how difficult it is to stand up a new datacenter, or set up a colo-based environment in a new region. Consider having to divest from that if it turns out to have been the wrong move for the business.On a smaller scale, better business agility means enabling your ability to increase the pace of experimentation. For example, you can better create scalable test/dev environments, or stand up or down new applications quickly.Questions about the concepts presented in this article? Feel free to drop me a line at

Next Steps

If your business needs qualified professionals to help mitigate the risks involved in migrating to the cloud, make sure your staff are properly prepared with hands-on training from Linux Academy.With a Linux Academy For Business Account, you can:

  • Increase your IT team’s efficiency
  • Combine the benefits of in-person and online training, maximizing your budget
  • Turn constant cloud technology changes into a strength
  • Get your team certified and ready to meet the needs of your customers.

Learn more about Linux Academy for Businessnew platform updates coming in April to help you manage multicloud training at scale!


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