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AWS re:Invent 2022: First thoughts from Werner Vogels’ keynote

ACG Technical Editors Team
ACG Technical Editors Team

AWS re:Invent 2022 wrapped up keynote presentations with the presenter we’ve all been waiting for: Werner Vogels, AWS’s Vice President and CTO! This was one of the most talked about events, and our on-the-ground experts weren’t shy about sharing their thoughts:

Jess Alvarez
I have a couple of takeaways from Werner Vogels’ keynote this morning. The first is the new AWS Application Composer. This service is a visual canvas that will help anybody who doesn’t write functions regularly create them visually. My second takeaway is EventBridge pipelines. That’s going to be really exciting to see and helps save lots of money.

Mattias Andersson
Werner Vogels’ keynote is always my favorite. Today he talked about how the world is asynchronous. He also announced some new features. There is Step Functions distributed map, which is now generally available. Step Functions distributed map is MapReduce through Lambda. You do one Lambda for map, one Lambda for reduce, and it takes care of all the stuff. It’s amazing. Werner also announced Application Composer (to build serverless applications) and EventBridge pipes, which he said are basically pipes on steroids.

Andru Estes
I just wrapped up Dr. Vogels’ keynote this morning, and there were a few different takeaways that I caught. Near the end where he talked about the simulations and using those to really speed up testing and testing all your different scenarios. Very excited to see where that goes, since I didn’t really hear that mentioned prior to this event very much, so that’ll be interesting.

The two other things were service related. The first being the Amazon EventBridge pipes. I’ve used EventBridge many times in my previous roles, and I love how they simplify the process to build event-driven applications. So that’s cool. Second thing was the Amazon CodeCatalyst deployment and service. I just really liked how they’re doing their best to simplify everything that goes along with application development and deployments, from the code management to the actual pipelines and application deployments. Just very cool to see where that goes.


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