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AWS pushes to make machine learning accessible, inclusive

Kesha Williams
Kesha Williams

As an AWS Machine Learning Hero, I could not wait to watch Swami Sivasubramanian’s keynote at AWS re:Invent 2021 to learn more about the new machine learning services being rolled out. And I must say, I was not disappointed! I’m excited and encouraged to see AWS’ commitment to making machine learning easily accessible and more inclusive. 

Here are some of the services and programs rolled out at AWS re:Invent 2021 that will change the face of machine learning.

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Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab is a free way to learn for ML beginners

Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab (currently in preview) is a free machine learning service that allows you to quickly spin up Jupyter notebooks and requires no complex configurations to get started.

The target audience of this service is developers, academics, and data scientists wanting to learn and experiment with machine learning.

Let me emphasize that this service is free and is an awesome way to learn! I know I’ll make use of this service the next time I teach a hands-on machine learning workshop.

Amazon SageMaker Canvas is a no-code way to build ML models

Amazon SageMaker Canvas is a visual, no-code service that allows anyone to build machine learning models. The target audience of this service is business analysts and non-technical roles.

The user interface is easy to navigate and allows you to quickly access and prepare your data for machine learning. SageMaker Canvas identifies the best model based on your dataset and does all of the heavy lifting for you. Let me emphasize that this service requires no coding skills at all.

If you’ve been curious about how machine learning works, this is a great way to get started.

AWS DeepRacer Student removes ML learning barriers

AWS DeepRacer Student builds on the success of the AWS DeepRacer service by removing barriers to experimenting with machine learning often faced by students.

The target audience of this program is students enrolled in high schools and colleges across the globe. This program gives students free access to training and 10 hours per month of training and 5 gigabytes of model storage. There will even be an AWS DeepRacer Student League!

AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program to award $10 million in scholarships

The AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program will award $10 million in scholarships to students who self-identify as belonging to an underserved or underrepresented group in tech. The program not only includes scholarships, it includes career mentorship and free educational content.

This is an awesome program for all of the students out there who want careers in AI and ML!

Why are these services and programs so important?

The cost to learn and explore machine learning on AWS has always been challenging and machine learning can be down right intimidating to those without coding experience.

I’m very excited about these services and programs because they will open doors for many people. I remember almost fainting when I received my first AWS bill after starting my machine learning journey — my bill that month was more than my monthly car payment! I’m glad times are changing!

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