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AWS EC2 console gets Global View, QuickSight Q in GA, Amazon Connect updated

Nick Triantafillou
Nick Triantafillou

What’s going on with AWS this week? Quite a bit! Here are a few highlights:

  • The AWS web console gets one of its best additions in ages as EC2 now has a GlobalVview
  • Amazon QuickSight Q is now generally available
  • Amazon Connect gets some slick updates
  • Plus, Amazon Simple Email Service is now available in the Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region, there’s an open-source tool for genomics and life-science, and EC2 gets Microsoft WIndows Server 2022 images.

Want to know more? Read on for the details!

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1. Amazon EC2 now offers Global View

Kicking it off this week is one of the best additions to the AWS web console in a long long time: Amazon EC2 Global View, where you can now view your AWS resources such as instances, VPCs, subnets, security groups, and volumes across all of your AWS regions.

Anyone who’s ever used EC2 will surely tell you that to know which region you had EC2 instances running it, you usually have to log in to the console and change regions 21 times to find them all, or write your own script to find them all using the AWS CLI or API.

Well, no longer is that required! Global View can be accessed right now from the EC2 and VPC consoles. You’re even able to search across resources by resource ID or tags, and you can filter resources by region and type.

It’s available right now for instances, VPCs, subnets, security groups, and volumes — and hopefully, AWS expand this soon to a lot more services!

More details over here.

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2. Amazon QuickSight Q is GA

Next up, Amazon QuickSight Q is now generally available!

Q is a machine learning–powered natural language capability that allows business users to ask questions about their data in everyday language and get answers in seconds.

For example, you can simply type “What is our year over year growth rate?” and QuickSight will give you an instant visualization. This is very cool. Previously, when you couldn’t find an answer to a question from data dashboards, you would have to submit ad-hoc requests and it could take weeks to get a response.

More info here.

3. Amazon Connect Wisdom is GA

This week, Amazon Connect Wisdom has also been made generally available.

This is a service that allows agents to access information needed to solve their customers’ issues while they’re actively speaking to their customers.

Call centers often use knowledge management systems and document repositories, which can make it quite difficult to find answers while speaking with customers — leading to poor customer service. Amazon Connect Wisdom allows agents to search across multiple connected repositories from their desktop to find answers quickly, and when used with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, you can even leverage machine learning–powered speech analytics to automatically detect customer issues during calls and recommend solutions in real-time to the agents. That’s pretty awesome!

Full details over here.

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4. AWS news roundup

To close us out, here are a few mini updates of everything else that happened with AWS this week.

  • The Amazon Genomics CLI is now generally available. This is an open-source tool for genomics and life-science customers to process genomics data at petabyte scale on AWS.
  • And finally, AWS have announced the availability of Microsoft WIndows Server 2022 images on Amazon EC2.

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That’s all for me this week! Keep being awesome, cloud gurus!


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